(Re)discover Bialetti ground coffee in this discovery pack containing 1 classic coffee and 3 flavoured coffees. 4x250g of coffee specially ground for Italian coffee makers.



Flavoured Coffee Discovery Pack - Ground Coffee 4x250g - BIALETTI


pack decouverte moulu bialetti

Try Italian Flavoured Ground Coffee

Whether you're used to using an Italian Moka Pot or you're just starting out, change your coffee routine and try our flavoured ground coffees. This discovery pack includes 4 packets of ground coffee, each weighing 250g.

With an intensity of between 7 and 8 out of 10, these coffees are faithful to the advanced Italian roasting method. Enjoy gourmet aromas alongside natural roasting notes.

The grind of these coffees is specially designed for an Italian coffee maker to ensure perfect extraction and a cup result worthy of traditional Italian coffees.

In this pack, discover Perfetto Moka Flavoured Chocolate, Perfetto Moka Flavoured Vanilla, Perfetto Moka Classico and Perfetto Moka Flavoured Hazelnut.



The popular brand Bialetti began in Italy. In 1933, Bialetti released its first Moka Pot. Thanks to that product, Bialetti has become among the most known brands in the world. Thanks to the high standard of their products and by combining their advanced technology and style, they manufacture kitchen utensils which are easy to use, functional and simply beautiful : simply gorgeous.