Sjostrand Coffee - Espresso decaf n°4 x10 capsules

Brand :    Sjostrand
  • Dark roast
  • Notes of citrus and dark chocolate
  • 100% compostable capsules, 0% aluminium,
  • The + : 100% ecological coffee from fair trade
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Discover Sjöstrand Coffee's nespresso compatible decaf espresso capsules: a smooth and bright decaf made from a blend of Arabica beans from Peru, Mexico and Honduras. 
This decaffeinated coffee brings a delicious balance thanks to the acidity of citrus fruits mixed with beautiful notes of dark chocolate. 
Packaging: box of 100 capsules.

Main caracteristics

IntensiteStrong coffee
Appellation  Peru, Mexico, Honduras blend
Variete  100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Peru

Decaf N°4

Sjostrand Coffee N°4 espresso is a decaffeinated coffee that will bring you, through its dark chocolate notes, an unequalled sweetness, but also a touch of acidity revealed by the citrus fruits offering a perfect balance.

Its vibrant and brilliant tones will satisfy you after a good meal.

This 100% ecological coffee is made from fair trade and compostable capsules.

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