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Our selection of decaffeinated instant coffees

Discover all of our decaffeinated instant coffees : For a instant coffee without caffeine effect !
Our experts have selected the biggest brands and the best products to offer you a wide choice of quality coffee at attractive price. Decaffeinated coffee is for those addicted to the taste of coffee, but who do not wish to benefit from its "energizing" side. Find all of our instant coffees on MaxiCoffee.

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Which decaffeinated soluble coffee to choose?

It's nice to end a day with a good cup of coffee. However, between pleasant hours of sleep and a good cup of coffee, it is difficult to choose. You can enjoy a decaffeinated, it will not prevent you from sleeping and will retain the aromas of an extraction with caffeine.

Solvent-free decaffeinated soluble coffee

How to decaffeinate coffee

There are several ways to remove caffeine, the natural, solvent-free method is the most recommended. It can be carried out using carbon dioxide which is sent by high pressure, this method is the most expensive, but the one that retains the most aroma.

It is also possible to carry out a water decaffeination by immersing the coffee in water, several times, until the caffeine is reduced to the maximum, this process can modify the aromas.

How much water in decaffeinated soluble coffee?

The preparation of a decaffeinated coffee is very simple, however, if the quantity of water is not respected, the result in cup will be poor. If you want a coffee with rich aromas, it is important to respect the dosage.

Pour 5 to 10 grams of instant coffee into a cup, add 25 cl of water, stir and enjoy your drink. If you pour too much water, you will dilute the aromas of your coffee and no longer enjoy your coffee.

Why buy soluble decaffeinated coffee from MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee, our team of experts has taken the time to select decaffeinated instant coffees that allow you to enjoy a good cup of coffee all day long. We are committed to selecting the best products and offering them to you at the best price.

The advantage of a decaffeinated soluble coffee stick, it allows you to enjoy your favorite drink wherever you want and at any time of the day.