Les Petits Torréfacteurs Coffee Beans Le Mélange de Louise (Fruity) - 250g

  • 100% Arabica Blend
  • Roasted in France
  • Ideal as an Espresso
  • 250g coffee beans
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More about Les Petits Torréfacteurs coffee beans :

Louise's Blend coffee beans, roasted in France by Les Petits Torréfacteurs, who have brought out its fruity notes. A well-balanced blend with a beautiful finesse thanks to the presence of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica. Packaging: 250g coffee beans

Key Facts

  • Variety
    100% Arabica
  • Designation
  • Origin
    Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras
  • Roasting
    France (National Brands)

Roast Type - Dark

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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Aromatic group -  Woody

Dominant note
Red Berries
Secondary note
Red Berries
Tasting notes :
  • Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Candied fig
N.B.: This is not a flavored coffee but notes noted during tasting
Red Berries Fermented Spices Woody Herb-like Floral Rich & sweet Citrus
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Aromatic Groups

Traditional Coffee -  Classic 

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Classic Coffee :  These are coffees that are generally composed of more than 20% Robusta and for which there is a lack of information on traceability. They are often mass-market products, easily accessible.

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Discover LES PETITS TORRÉFACTEURS Le Mélange de Louise

LES PETITS TORRÉFACTEURS Le Mélange de Louise Coffee Beans

Enjoy a French coffee that brings together all the best qualities to give you the best espresso.

Cultivated throughout Central, South and North America, this coffee bean is a blend of several Arabicas, which gives it a balanced taste and great finesse. It is extremely smooth and fruity thanks to the roasting work done in France by a dedicated team.

Discover this coffee with a chocolate twist!

1) Take a puff pastry and homemade or commercial spread. Preheat your oven to 180°C.

2) Roll out your pastry and on half of it, spread your spread and fold it in half.

3) Cut out strips of equal width, thicker or thinner, as you prefer. Take the cut strip, twist it and place it on a sheet of baking paper. Bake for a few minutes and enjoy!


To all coffee lovers, to those who give meaning to the expression "never a morning without my coffee", the brand LES PETITS TORRÉFACTEURS by Maxicoffee is to be savoured urgently! The idea is to bring together artisan roasters who take care of the products they have in their hands and who wish to sublimate the origins to create good coffee for everyone. 

You will always have the choice at hand with coffee beans, ground coffee, ESE pods and much more.

Les Petits Torréfacteurs by MaxiCoffee

Les Petits Torréfacteurs by MaxiCoffee

Since our very beginnings, we have had the pleasure of working with exceptional artisan roasters that share our passion: the quest for good coffee. It was from these encounters that we had the idea of ?grouping our work around a single name: "Les Petits Torréfacteurs by MaxiCoffee" was born.

So much more than just a name or brand, "Les Petits Torréfacteurs by MaxiCoffee" is the coming together of artisanal savoir-faire, team work and a passion for the industry. These roasters work together to offer you a range of Grands Crus coffees available in bean, ground, ESE and soft pod format.

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