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Maintaining your manual or automatic coffee machine, cafetiere or even kettle is a must to maintain the quality of your tea or coffee's aromas but above all, your machine.
We have selected the best cleaning products for your coffee machine: descalers,, detergents, and other cleaning products so you can look after your machine. Discover products dedicated to specific big brands (Ascaso, Rocket, Bravilor, Cafetto, AirCraft, FrancisFrancis, Rok, Miele, Severin, etc.).

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Cleaning Tablets for Nivona automatic machines x 10
  • The Nivona coffee cleaning Tablets highly effectively remove coffee residue and oils. 10 coffee cleaning tablets.
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Spare Filters for CASO HW400 Water Dispenser (Set of 3)
  • Replacement water filters suitable for CASO rapid water dispenser HW40. For the improvement of water quality and reduction of the formation of limestone.
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