This Chemex gift pack is a great idea for Xmas! It contains the iconic Chemex glass coffee maker (for 6 cups), a box of 100 Chemex natural filters and a 600ml Baristator stainless steel swan-neck jug. All delivered with a lovely MaxiCoffee reusable bag! A unique gift for Pour-Over Coffee lovers!    

A unique gift pack for Slow Coffee enthusiasts !
Chemex is the emblematic product for Slow Coffee. With its glass carafe, polished wood collar and leather strap, it is a beautiful item!  Chemex produces a very aromatic coffee packed with flavours. The perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee and its tradition.

This pack contains:

A Chemex coffee maker : 75cl / 6 cups capacity

1 box of 100 Chemex natural filters for 6-10 cup coffee makers:  The filters are pre-folded into a cone shape to extract the maximum of taste during the brewing process.

A Baristator stainless steel swan-neck jug : ideal for making slow coffee. It holds 600ml.

MaxiCoffee reusable bag :  "C'est cadeau" (Here is a gift!). A lovely reusable bag! 100% cotton.  L 29cm x H 43,5cm. With 2 cotton straps to tighten the top of your bag.

Chemex gift pack
Type of coffee machine Pour-over (Chemex type)
Capacity 75cl/6 cups
Jug material Glass
Dominant colour(s) Beige, Transparent
Material Glass
Type of filter Non-standard/specific to brand
EAN : 028068001012