Bialetti - SMART Aroma coffee jar and measuring spoon

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Brand :    Bialetti
  • Borosilicate glass and bakelite
  • Capacity: 250g
  • With measuring spoon
  • By Bialetti

Discover the Bialetti Smart Aroma coffee jar, made of borosilicate glass and bakelite for the lid. It can store up to 250 grams of coffee.

Keep your coffee fresh with this nice Bialetti storage jar.

Made of borosilicate glass, you can see at a glance how much coffee you have left.

Its bakelite lid tightly closes the jar, delaying the oxidation of coffee. Turn it over to place the filter funnel of your Italian moka pot so you can fill it easily.

With a capacity of 250g, it will keep the equivalent of a standard pack of coffee.

Includes a stainless steel measuring spoon.



The popular brand Bialetti began in Italy. In 1933, Bialetti released its first Moka Pot. Thanks to that product, Bialetti has become among the most known brands in the world. Thanks to the high standard of their products and by combining their advanced technology and style, they manufacture kitchen utensils which are easy to use, functional and simply beautiful : simply gorgeous.

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