Jura - Box of 6 cleaning tablets ( 3 in 1 )

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Brand :    Jura
  • Detergent tablets 3 in 1
  • For Jura coffee bean machines
  • Coffee unit cleaner
  • Box of 6 tablets
This box of 6 cleaning tablets (3 in 1) have been specially adapted to the cleaning program integrated in the espresso grinder machines. 3 actions: cleaning, maintenance and protection, new action of this product.


Why use these JURA 2-in-1 detergent tablets? 

These 3-in-1 detergent tablets will allow you to clean, maintain and preserve your automatic machine in order to maintain an optimal coffee quality.  

The JURA laboratories have developed this range of 3-in-1 detergent tablets to :

- optimize the result in the cup

- prolong the life of your machine

- dissolve coffee grease from the unit to the coffee outlet

How do I use these JURA 3-in-1 detergent tablets?

The cleaning process is started at the touch of a button as it used to be, but now these tablets have an additional phase to the old Jura tablets. 

Phase 1 : Cleaning

The special formula of the tablets effectively dissolves grease and coffee particles in the unit and the percolation filter. The interior and exterior of these components are then thoroughly rinsed with water at 80°C. 

Phase 2 : Maintainance

Special active ingredients coat the surfaces of the components with a film that protects them permanently against deposits of coffee residue and grease.

The advantage of these tablets is that you can clean your JURA automatic coffee machine easily at the touch of a button, so that you always get the best coffee quality!

Note: Always use these JURA 2-in-1 cleaning tablets with your JURA automatic machine: they are the only ones that are perfectly suited to the cleaning cycle

Phase 3 (New): Protection

This step avoids limescale deposits by using complexing agents that will play a softening role. Exit the magnesium and calcium which help the formation of this limestone.



The JURA automatic coffee machines create an exceptional cup of coffee in just a few seconds. The key technologies used in the manufacture of the Jura Impressa and ENA automatic coffee machine ranges have made the brand a global success: Tempered steel conical grinder burrs, a patented brew unit, ease of maintenance - these are not optional extras, but rather standard features of their products!

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