The Barn Coffee Beans Mahembe from Guatemala - 250g

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Brand :    The Barn coffee
  • Light Roast
  • Microlot
  • 100% Arabica (Red Bourbon)
  • Hand-roasted in Germany
  • 250g coffee beans

Let yourself be tempted by this Mahembe coffee bean roasted especially for the filter by the famous team at The Barn. It is a coffee from the Western Province of Rwanda. You will find in your cup a well-balanced coffee with aromatic notes of sweet Morello cherries, cocoa and spicy nutmeg.  Packaging: 250g

Main characteristics

Intensite Balanced coffee
Type de cafe  100% Arabica (Microlot)
Pays d'origine   Rwanda
Type de torrefaction
Roasted in
Pays de torrefaction    Germany
Variete botanique  Red bourbon
Altitude  Altitude  1700 - 1900 M
Process  Washed


The Barn - Guatemala Coffee Beans - Mahembe - 250g

The close relationship between The Barns and Justin Musabiyama allows the brand to secure its best batches each season. The certification process that his farm has gone through has helped everyone involved to be more organised and to establish systems not only for better coffee quality, but also for better procedures on the farm.

Every time they visit Mahembe, they are struck by the community atmosphere and the positive energy that comes naturally from the top. In addition, the integration of the village and the way they are paid in premium prices brings everything together. The savings at Mahembe are invested in sustainability and agronomy programmes. The location of this farm is unique. It has a lake and forest microclimate, being cooler in the evening and warming up around five in the morning. The lake creates periodic rains while simultaneously absorbing heat in the afternoon.

Rwanda has a long history of coffee production, but only recently has the quality of processing improved, with the Western Province producing some of the best. Justin returned home after the 1994 genocide and set to work re-launching his family's coffee farm to help bring stability and economic opportunity to the region. Payment to his farmers includes health insurance, school fees and livestock. Thanks to his strong focus on quality and community building, 75% of what Justin produces is now A1 quality, and he ranks in the top five each year at the Cup of Excellence (COE).

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The Barn Coffee

The Barn Coffee is a leader in Specialty Coffee from Berlin. Their coffee beans are of the highest grading and are served throughout Europe.

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