Micro-filter Paper Filters for Aeropress x 350

  • Compostable Paper
  • For Aeropress Original, Go and Clear
  • Quantity: 350 Micro-filters
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These Micro-filters can be uses with your Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker. Sold in packs of 350, they are made from high-quality compostable paper. Reduces bitterness and filters ground coffee beans.

Micro-filter Paper Filters for Aeropress

Micro Filters Aeropress

A Pack of 350 Micro-filters

When you order this pack, you'll receive 350 micro-filters (that's 350 units delivered for 350 different uses). With this pack, you'll be equipped for a long time: at least several months.

Measuring 6.4 cm in diameter, they are perfectly suited to the shape of your Aeropress portable coffee maker. These filters are made from compostable paper: they are disposable and allow for more eco-friendly brew.

For Aeropress Original, Go and Clear models (not compatible with Aeropress XL).
Aeropress filtration

Coffee Filters for Perfect Filtration

These high-performance filters are made from high-quality paper.
They are very fine, for optimum filtration: the micro-holes filter the coffee that has been brewed for several seconds, leaving no residue of coffee grounds in your final beverage.

Unlike other filters on the market, micro-filters have the advantage of removing all the coffee beans from your brew. You'll get a smooth coffee, but one that's more fluid and free of residues.
The paper filter material leaves no taste in your preparation and in no way alters the flavour of your coffee. These filters are perfect for optimum cup results!

350 micro filters compatible with Aeropress models

Coffee Filters: The Essential Accessory for Your Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aerobie's portable coffee makers have a proven track record: thanks to them, coffee lovers can prepare their favourite beverage anywhere.
Their small size makes them ideal for travellers, students and anyone on the move. But that's not all: Aeropress is an intuitive way to make your own coffee by hand from pre-ground coffee in just a few seconds.

The combination of filters and pressure from the AeroPress reduces the time it takes to brew coffee in hot water.

Good news: these filters are compatible with all three AeroPress models: the AeroPress Go,  the Original, and even the latest model on the market: the AeroPress Clear.



Created by the American company Aerobie, the Aeropress has quickly become one of the best barista coffee filters. The Aeropress is a simple way to sample the aromas of a good coffee. Its French Press mechanism will enable you to appreciate a coffee with sublime flavours.

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