Café-Tasse - Assortment of 20 mini chocolate bars

  • Dark, milk and white chocolate
  • 9 flavours
  • 20 Mini-tablets
  • Weight: 180g
  • Belgian chocolate
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Packet of 20 mini chocolate bars by Café-Tasse. This assortment contains dark 60%, extra dark 77%, milk-coffee, dark-mint, milk-nougat, earl grey, white-coffee, milk-hazelnut and dark-orange chocolates. A little treat for your coffee break.


Café-Tasse - Assortment of 20 mini chocolate bars 


Type of chocolate Format Made in
chocolat noir blanc et au lait mini-tablette drapeau belge
Dark, milk and white chocolate Mini-Tablets Belgium


A crystal bag containing an assortment of 20 mini-bars.

The flavours: dark chocolate 60%, extra dark 77%, milk-coffee, dark-mint, milk-nougat, earl gray tea, white-coffee, milk-hazelnut, dark-orange, milk-salted caramel.

They will make an excellent duo with your coffee during your moments of relaxation. A guaranteed pleasure!


The crystal bag with an assortment of 20 mini coffee-cups contains:

  • Dark chocolate (60%) 
  • Dark chocolate with orange
  • Milk chocolate with salted caramel
  • Extra dark chocolate (77%)
  • Milk chocolate with Nougat
  • Milk chocolate with hazelnuts
  • Milk chocolate with coffee
  • White chocolate with coffee
  • Dark chocolate with Earl Grey tea


The best of Belgian chocolate:

Imagine a piece of Café-Tasse chocolate melting in your mouth with each sip of a carefully measured espresso...

With Café-Tass e, a new style is born.

It is the luxury of a chocolate that crosses borders, a whole art of living that we invite you to taste.


The world of Café-Tasse :

Since childhood, chocolate has been a part of our lives. With its strong taste heritage and the history of the great chocolate masters in its luggage, Café-Tasse offers us the same spirit of good chocolate that we have loved since childhood.

Its many varieties of superior and consistent quality, including the unavoidable "petit carré", have always echoed a tradition marked by poetry and gourmandise. Its flavours, a mixture of travel, modernity and traditional recipes, reveal the contrast between the flavours of the past and those of today.

Its chocolate collections are true artist's proofs of evolving taste, like paintings whose pigments and technique are constantly being reworked. In the four corners of the world, Café-Tasse continues to put its experience and know-how at the service of our desires for sensory escapism.

Ingredients : 

Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, hazelnut powder, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), coffee, natural flavouring (Earl Grey tea, orange, hazelnuts, caramel, vanilla), glucose syrup, almonds, Earl Grey organic tea powder, sea salt, honey, starch, egg white

May contain traces of gluten 



For more than 20 years, Belgian chocolate maker Café-Tasse has been delighting taste buds everywhere with subtly flavoured and beautifully packaged chocolate.

Savouring the taste of Café-Tasse chocolate is not just about paying homage to the great master chocolate makers but also about immersing oneself in the history of chocolate.

Café-Tasse - Assortment of 20 mini chocolate bars
Type of chocolate Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Assortment
Type of product Neapolitans
Weight 180 g
EAN : 5400219805000