The Best Ground Coffee for Beginner Manual Espresso Machines

The Best Ground Coffee for Beginner Manual Espresso Machines

The best ground coffee for espresso must meet two essential criteria. They must be explosive in terms of flavour, but above all they must be perfectly ground for impeccable visual and textural results.

Who wants a flat, flavorless espresso without a nice crema on top? Not you, obviously, if you’re looking for the best ground coffees!

The best ground coffee for espresso?

To the uninitiated, it may sound strange, but not all ground coffees are suitable for espresso, and for your manual espresso machine at home.

That’s why there are obviously different coffees, but also different grinds.

Which coffee to choose?

First of all, note that pre-ground coffee is only used for manual espresso machines with pressurised filters.

But when it comes to coffee flavours, the choice is yours!

For example, for espresso, especially Italian espresso, it is essential to choose a strong coffee with character. The important thing is to define in advance which flavours you want to go for.

Some people, true fans of Italian espresso, prefer to choose a typically Italian blend (Arabica and Robusta). This is why, with a more advanced roasting, Italian coffees offer notes of cocoa, toast or peanuts for example.

Others, the more adventurous among you, will prefer to go off the beaten track and discover coffees with more floral or fruit notes such as jasmine, red fruit or citrus.

Which coffee grind to use?

The way in which your coffee is ground is an essential factor in the success of the drink:

  • Too fine: the coffee will be very tight and too intense,
  • Coarser grind: the espresso will be too “watery”, lacking texture and body.

If you don’t have a grinder at home, the best thing to do is to buy ground coffee directly from the packet. However, it is important to find the one that will meet your expectations in terms of taste and results in a cup.

les meilleurs cafés moulus pour machine expresso


My top ground coffees to use with a manual espresso machine

Depending on your taste, you may like one type of coffee more than another. That’s why this list is not exhaustive! However, it will have the advantage of selecting coffees that will be perfectly suited to a beginner’s espresso machine such as the Delonghi Dedica, the Kottea CK150S for example.

1- Pellini Top, 100% Arabica

This coffee is without doubt an institution for Italian coffee lovers. Intense and full-bodied, Pellini’s Top is a best-seller among our selection of the best ground coffees. It has been acclaimed by those who have tried it, combining strength and balance to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Pellini TOP Caffe

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2- 100% Arabica, Classic Espresso Ground Coffee Blend – Terres de Café

Awarded twice in 2021 at the French coffee championships (French Barista Champion and Brewers Cup), Terres de Café roasters offer us a blend perfectly suited to espresso.

Hand-roasted in France, this coffee offers notes of ripe red fruit and fresh almond. It is far from the standard Italian espressos and reveals subtle and racy notes.

terres de café

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3 – Dodicigrancru 100% Arabica Ground Coffee – Bazzara

Here is a choice with citrus notes that will awaken your taste buds! This blend of floral fragrances is reminiscent of orange blossoms and you will find, like a Proust’s madeleine, fine syrupy sensations. Other rich aromas intermingle with notes of candied orange, grilled almond and a hint of West Indian rum.

You will be seduced by a slightly spicy finish with flavours reminiscent of orangettes (a delicious mixture of dark chocolate and candied orange).


café moulu italien

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4 – One Love (Organic) Ground Coffee – Marley Coffee

Beyond the values of the Marley family (organic coffee, fair trade, respect for the earth and people…), Marley Coffee’s One Love is a very pleasant coffee for the whole day. Quite mild, it is a balanced coffee with fruity notes.

Coming from Ethiopia, this coffee will easily find its place near your coffee machine.

Marley Coffee One Love

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5 – Mexico – Sueño – Decaffeinated with water – Cafés Lugat

We couldn’t end our selection without a decaffeinated coffee. There are many ways to decaffeinate a coffee, so the Sueno from Cafés Lugat is to be commended.

This organic coffee has been decaffeinated with water to avoid any chemical treatment. It has been grown in the Altura region of Mexico. It will offer you a smooth cup with gourmet notes of Speculoos and spices.

café moulu decaféiné LUGAT

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Obviously, this selection is not definitive. I hope it will be the first step for you to discover the many flavours that coffee can offer you!

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