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Rocket Espresso® is synonymous with legendary espresso machines.
Adored by purists and praised by Anglo-Saxon test panels, this Italian brand has succeeded in combining elegance and reliability with a real espresso coffee culture. Through its range of exceptional products ( EVOLUZIONE , PLUS and CLASSIC ), Rocket Espresso® share their permanent challenge: Letting you make the best espresso in the world.

This promise, made by many companies, has never been so relevant and we have been won over by this brand.

  • Our experts will advise you: by phone on 020 3481 1654.

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Rocket Espresso | Milk jugs
50cl Barista milk jug - Rocket Espresso
  • Capacity: 50 cl
  • Handle: open
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Spout: pointed
  • In stock, dispatched within 24h
Pointed spout
  • In stock, dispatched within 24h
Pointed spout

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