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Our selection of Mokador Castellari pods

Discover the range of Mokador Castellari capsules , an Italian brand specialising in artisanal roasting.
Its ground coffee capsules are compatible with various machines. Find a selection of capsules compatible with Nespresso® and FAP machines (Ca-Nano, SGL Rotary, SGL Capsy, etc.). Each Castellari Mokador capsule contains just the right amount of coffee to obtain an incomparable Mokador espresso with a simple gesture. See also all our coffee pods .

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MyCaffe Caramel Capsules x50 (FAP capsules) - Mokador Castellari
  • 50 plastic MyMokador Caramel FAP capsules for Mokador Castellari capsule machines and universal capsule machines (also known as FAP capsule machines) such as the Ca-Nano, SGL Rotary, SGL Capsy, etc. A very tasty caramel flavoured coffee!
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