Created 80 years ago, MAHLKÖNIG was the first high quality professional grinder brand.

The MAHLKÖNIG logo is an abbreviation of quality leadership and innovation. As part of their philosophy, products are developed by MAHLKÖNIG engineers and manually manufactured to satisfy both customers and their demands.

Ongoing investments in manufacturing and quality processes make MAHLKÖNIG coffee grinders robust and efficient. MAHLKÖNIG's main goal is to develop grinders providing the best grinding for all roasted coffee varieties.

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MAHLKÖNIG | Coffee grinder spare parts
Mahlkonig EK43 Coffee Grinder Replacement Burrs 98mm
  • Whether your Mahlkonig EK43 came with the Standard Burrset or the Turkish Burrset, those 98 mm flat-burrs will give a great grind consistency.
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