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Joe Frex has been specialised in premium accessories for coffee professionals and coffee geeks since 1996.

They design and manufacture innovative coffee tools / accessories such as scales, tampers, knockboxes, coffee drippers, cleaning brushes...

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Joe Frex | Knockboxes & knock out drawers
Joe Frex | Professional Barista Accessories
Joe Frex | Barista accessories and Latte art
Joe Frex | Tampers & coffee distributors
Joe Frex | Tamping mats
Joe Frex | Milk jugs
Joe Frex | Brushes and Cleaning Accessories
Joe Frex | Cleaning products for professional equipment
Joe Frex | Coffee & cappuccino spoons
Joe Frex | Espresso machine cleaners
Joe Frex | Pour-Over Coffee Accessories
Joe Frex | Spare parts - Filters - Seals
Joe Frex | Equipment & Accessories for professionals
Joe Frex | Kitchen & Bar accessories

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