International coffee day 2020

International Coffee Day

Celebrate International Coffee Day with MaxiCoffee on October 1st. From the 1st to the 4th of October, the MaxiFamily will prepare a lot of surprises for you, for a proper celebration!

First off, we'd like to offer you 5% off on coffee* on, for 4 days with the following discount code MAXICD20. *(offer valid only on all coffee products except Tassimo T-Discs, MaxiCoffee Professionals).

This year, Anne-Sophie will give you a tour of Destination, a roastery located near Bordeaux (France) which has been producing Certified Organic coffee for 10 years.

Finally, to thank you for your loyalty, we are organising a sweepstake!

3 key facts to share during coffee break

The French and the coffee
of the French people drink coffee.
Coffee consumption in France
2.3 Million
cups of coffee are drunk every minute in the world.
Coffee break
of people drink coffee to relax
Cafés Lugat Selection box of coffee beans to win
3 Cafés Lugat Selection Box
£10 gift voucher to win
5 Gift vouchers worth £10

Our sweepstake ;)

In addition to our special offer, we are organising a sweepstake to thank you for your trust and loyalty.

We will be randomly selecting a winner among the orders placed between October 1st and October 4th (included) on our website

So don't miss your chance of winning one of our prizes!

* To find out more about our prizes and on how to take part, don't hesitate to check our policies: here
International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

The Future of Coffee Depends on You!

This year, International Coffee Day will celebrate the millions of people working to produce coffee across the globe. In the world, people consume 3 billion cups of coffee each day according to ICD!

International Coffee Day will take advantage of this special day to work towards Fair Trade: to ensure more equitable and dignified commercial transactions as well as a decent wages for all coffee producers.

A Caffeinated Meeting


A few weeks ago we went to visit Destination to offer you a behind-the-scenes look at their manufacturing facility. Based in Bordeaux, the brand offers a range of 250 products: coffee, tea, infusion, hot cocoa and sugar 100% certified organic!

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