The Leverpresso V3 espresso machine from HUGH is compact and easy to use, to accompany your coffee moments everywhere! With its pressurized filter, you will be able to obtain a beautiful crema, even with a basic grinder. Free delivery and gift offer of 250g of Café Lugat Coffee beans and two glasses.

The Leverpresso V3 - Portable Lever Espresso Machine - Matte Black


HUGH Leverpresso V3 noir mat

An all-purpose lever espresso machine without electricity! 

With its 196 mm height and 86 mm diameter, the Leverpresso from HUGH has everything you need for an espresso when hiking, camping or even at the office!

In fact, it is one of the smallest mobile espresso machines on the market.

All you need to do is add ground coffee and hot water, as The Leverpresso works without electricity. 

With its two levers, the pressure can be applied without forcing, and it also maintains a steady pressure that can approach the 9 bars needed to make espresso.

In addition, it is equipped with a 2-cup 51 mm pressurised filter that allows you to dose approximately 15 to 20 grams of ground coffee, in order to develop all the flavours expected in a double espresso (60 ml).

Guaranteed BPA-free and weighing only 640 grams, it is the perfect mobile espresso machine for coffee lovers who like to move!

The Leverpresso is "all-in-one", it comes with a pressurised filter, a double spout that can be unscrewed (to switch to bottomless if you want), a suitable tamper, a cover to protect the lever mechanism, as well as a cup screwed onto the body of the machine. 

HUGH Leverpresso V3 expresso

The Leverpresso V3: an improved version for a better espresso experience

HUGH has already convinced many coffee lovers with the Leverpresso, version 3 contains a new, more stable and robust lever mechanism. 

The cylinder is also stronger and more durable.

The filter holder, the dispersion screen and the (larger) cup have also been improved.

If you're new to the world of espresso, the pressurised filter will allow you to use your Leverpresso machine with any ground coffee, even if the grind is not perfect. You can therefore grind your coffee beans with an entry-level grinder or use pre-ground coffee

The pressurised filter allows you to create pressure artificially so that you get a nice crema during your extraction.

In addition, The Leverpresso V3 espresso machine is now equipped with a removable double spout, which now gives you the option of doing a normal extraction or switching to Bottomless. 

To be noted: you can get a nice aluminium base to use the Leverpresso in your kitchen and make your extraction in a coffee cup. 

Reference : Leverpresso V3 Black

Expert opinion:

Once you have found the right dosage, the Leverpresso V3 allows you to get the right extraction without too much effort.  Unlike many manual lever machines, it has two linked levers, which inevitably share the necessary force and therefore make it easier to press.
The improvements on version 3 add to the stability of the machine during extraction. 
The fact that you can make your espresso with spouts or in Bottomless is also a plus, especially if you have the base which allows you to really enjoy the visual spectacle of a Bottomless extraction. 


In 2016, HUGH Inc. developed the Leverpresso, a small all-in-one lever espresso machine that makes coffee anywhere. A Kickstarter that has continued to grow worldwide.

HUGH The Leverpresso V3 Manual Lever Espresso Machine - Matte Black + Free Gift
Compatible with Ground coffee
Advised grinder Recommended grinder
Body material Plastic
Dominant colour(s) Black
Height 196 mm
Width 86 mm
Weight 0.64 Kg
Diameter of extraction group 51 mm
Water tank capacity 0.12 Litre(s)
Type of heater None (manual)
Type of group Stainless steel
Type of filters supplied Pressurised filter 2 cups
Steam wand quality No wand
EAN : 8809561060438