Hario V60 Starter Kit with D-Kanta Jug

  • Hario x D-Kanta Starter Kit
  • V60 Cone Dripper
  • With 40 Paper Filters
  • For 50cl/4 cups
  • Stainless steel Gooseneck Jug
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Hario V60 Glass Jug With Stand - 600ml
  • Pour-Over/V60 Carafe
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Materials: Glass and Silicone
  • With V60 Dripper Stand
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Hario DPW Drip Pot with cloth filter for 3-4 cups
  • Most traditional brewing method
  • Cloth dripper
  • For 500ml (3 to 4 cups)
  • Glass
  • Uses reusable cloth filters
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Hario Technica TCA-5 vacuum coffee maker - 5 cups
  • Capacity : 60cl / 5 cups
  • Materials : strong glass and stainless steel
  • Measuring spoon included
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Hario Skerton+ Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Ceramic Burr
  • Bean container for 70g coffee beans
  • High quality glassware
  • Dishwasher safe
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This V60 kit by HARIO, with its gooseneck jug, gives you all the tools you need to rediscover the wonderful art of manual brewing. The HARIO kit includes 1 x V60 transparent dripper (3/4 cups), 1 precision pouring jug, 1 dripper holder jug, 40 white filters as well as a coffee measuring spoon.

V60 Hario + D-Kanta Gooseneck Jug

This V60 Hario kit will allow you to make the perfect brew, bringing out all the flavours of your coffee! Making top notch V60 coffee has never been easier with this starter kit!

This "classic" manual brewing method gives you much more control over temperature and flow than electric coffee makers.

Whether you are a fan of gentle extraction or not, enjoying this coffee at breakfast promises a unique and tasty start to the day.
Gooseneck kettle jug DKanta

The HARIO filter system:

The Japanese company HARIO has been a pioneer and a reference of Slow Coffee brewing for 100 years! Discover and rediscover the unique V60 method and enjoy the complex flavours it can bring out to your morning cup.

HARIO's V60 system has revolutionised the manual pouring method: thanks to the spiral-shaped internal ribs and the unique large hole at the bottom of the cone, the coffee can spread evenly for a dense and rich extraction.

The large diameter hole in the bottom of the cone are perfectly shaped for the wonderful HARIO conical filters.

Brewing Guide:

1. Rinse your filter paper with hot water to avoid altering the taste of your coffee and to preheat your coffee maker.
    2. Use 10 to 12g of coffee with a medium filter grind or a coarser grind depending on the filters used.
    3. Bring the correct amount of water to a temperature of 90-95°C, just before boiling.
    4. Pour your water in several steps. For the pre-infusion, pour your water so that your coffee grounds get saturated with water.
    5. Wait about 30 seconds, then pour the water in a circular pattern (to facilitate swirling and improve the quality of the extraction) and evenly over your coffee ground without touching the edges and starting from the centre.
    6. When the level has dropped, gently pour the remaining water into the centre.



Revealer of taste. Quality professional pour-over coffee maker designed by France's 2017 Barista champion.

Hario V60 Starter Kit with D-Kanta Jug
A MaxiCoffee Product A MaxiCoffee Product
Type of coffee machine Conical dripper (V60 type), Coffee maker kit
Capacity 50cl/4 cups
Jug material Plastic
Dominant colour(s) Silver, Black, Transparent
Material Plastic
Type of filter Non-standard/specific to brand
EAN : 4977642728981