Ajust your extraction to your tastes with Hario's immersion dripper. The extraction is done differently than with a classic dripper, you choose the timing of the flow in order to develop more or less bitterness. To open the drip, simply press the switch located on the side of the dripper.


HARIO SWITCH 02 Immersion Dripper SSD-200-B


dripper immersion hario

Perfectly Controlled Drip

The Hario SSD-200-B dripper allows you to adjust your extraction.  A classic dripper achieves a controlled flow of coffee by the size of the grind. The Dripper Switch is designed with a seal at the base of the dripper to contain your coffee and to allow it to develop a different aroma and bitterness. Once the desired extraction time is over, you can press the switch and the drip will flow directly into your cup.

Brewing with the Hario Switch 02

Place the dripper on your cup, install the filter, press the tab and pour water that has been heated to 93° C (depending on your type of coffee). This step is important to humidify, rinse your filter and heat your container so that there is no temperature difference. Empty your container before the next step and place the tab on the top position. Place 20 grams of coffee in the filter and pour 240ml of water in a circle.  After 30 seconds, take a teaspoon and stir the surface so that the coffee is completely moistened and a light froth is obtained. The extraction time is to be determined according to your taste, the total extraction should be around 2 minutes. Once finished, press the switch and enjoy your coffee.



Hario (meaning "King of Glass") is a Japanese company that has been specialising in tableware since 1921. Hario rapidly gained notoriety thanks to its range of teapots and famous vacuum coffee makers, also known as a "Syphon coffee makers".
Hario® is recognized by the greatest baristas as the best coffee 'filtering process' for taste: the company has made its mark as providing THE highest quality standards.

Hario Switch Immersion Dripper 02
Capacity 25cl/2 cups
Dominant colour(s) Black
Material Glass
Type of filter Basket
Dimensions (WxDxH) 115 x 118 x 133 mm
EAN : 4977642728165