The Timemore Chestnut C3 Pro is a manual coffee grinder with patented grinding wheels in a unique stainless steel design. With its aluminium alloy body, this grinder is lightweight and compact. Its retractable handle makes it easy to transport. Chestnut C3 Pro Black model. 2-year warranty and free delivery.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 Pro Manual Coffee Grinder in Black



TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 Pro manual coffee grinder in black

A Compact yet Efficient Manual Grinder

Following the success of the Chestnut C2 model, Timemore is back with the Chestnut C3 Pro. 

With its aluminum alloy body, the C3 Pro is a lightweight manual coffee grinder, ideal for daily use, travel, or camping. Durability is also ensured by the retractable stainless steel handle, robust internal mechanism, and conical steel burrs.



TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 Pro black with steel burrs

Patented S2C (Spike to Cut) Burrs

Timemore has equipped the C3 Pro with the same burrs as the Chestnut X. The same quality in a smaller diameter. 

These 38mm conical stainless steel burrs (SUS 440 type) with the patented S2C (Spike to Cut) design are designed to cut coffee beans into large particles before fully grinding them. According to Timemore, these burrs allow you to grind your coffee while ensuring that the silver skin of the coffee beans doesn't end up in the grind, reducing bitterness and providing greater clarity in the cup.

Manual coffee grinder

Settings and Other Features of the Chestnut C3 Pro

Grind adjustment is done in increments with a steel dial located below the grinder. 

The main dial offers a choice of 20 settings

- 7 to 8 clicks for espresso

- 13 to 16 clicks for filter and gentle brewing methods

- 17 to 20 clicks for a French press

This compact manual grinder offers better grip with its 52mm diameter and matte surface to prevent slipping. 

The grind container is made of aluminum and can hold up to 25g of ground coffee. 

The internal system with 2 ball bearings is supported by a sturdy aluminum frame to ensure stability during grinding. 

The Timemore C3 Pro manual coffee grinder comes in a box with a carrying bag and a cleaning brush for maintaining the burrs.



Our Thoughts:

We Like
We Like:
  • Its grip
  • Its weight
  • The durability of the materials
  • The retractable handle for transport
  • The settings are limited for espresso with simple filters. It might be too limited for a semi-professional espresso machine or a machine that requires high precision in grind.
Gaelle Expert Maxicoffee

Expert's Opinion:

This manual coffee grinder Timemore Chestnut C3 Pro is pleasant to use and convenient to carry.

It appears to be more stable than the C2 in terms of construction.
However, if you intend to use the Chestnut C3 Pro for espresso with simple filters, you may be limited in grind settings. You'll need to compensate for this by adjusting the amount of ground coffee in the filter and your tamping. If you're using pressurized filters, this grinder will do just fine. 

For espresso grinding with simple filters, consider the Timemore Chestnut X, which offers more precise settings. 

Explore the Timemore product range and our full range of manual coffee grinders.



TIMEMORE was co-founded in 2012 by coffee lovers. The brand specialises in original hand-made coffee equipment with an emphasis on slow coffee.

Timemore Chestnut C3 Pro Coffee Grinder + FREE Coffee Beans
Usage Home
Dominant colour(s) Black
Body material Aluminium/Stainless steel
Ground tank capacity 25 g
Weight 0.43 Kg
Type of grinder Manual
Grinder for Filter & slow brewing methods, Espresso
Dispensing system None
Type of burrs Conical
Burrs material Steel
Grinder diameter 38 mm
Adjustment By notches
Size (x H) x 147
EAN : 6959493503380