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La Bohème Coffee Beans Rwanda Gitega Hills - 226g

Score : 88 / 100
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Brand :    La Bohème Café
  • Pure Origin
  • 100 % Arabica
  • Roasted in Czech Republic
  • Notes of pineapple, black berries and red apple.
  • 226g coffee beans
Score : 88 / 100
What's this?
Rwanda Gitega Hills by La Bohème is a specialty coffee pure origin from Rwanda. It is an ideal coffee to start your journey in the world of specialty coffee with its well balanced acidity, its beautiful complexity and its fruity and tropical flavours. A long finish with caramelised notes. Enjoy its unique notes of pineapple, black berries and red apple.

Packaging: 226g coffee beans.

Main Characteristics:

Intensite Balanced Coffee
Appellation  Pure Origin
Variete 100 % Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Czech Republic


LA BOHEME Coffee Beans Rwanda Gitega Hills

Not familiar with the term of Specialty Coffee? Check out our blog post by MaxiCoffee experts. Rwanda Gitega Hills has been rated 88/100 by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), so it's the ideal coffee to start your journey into the world of specialty coffee!

- While brewing your coffee, let yourself be guided by the gourmet aroma and the beautiful foam.

- Enjoy the unique taste of its natural processed method. The sweetness and unique tropical fruit aromas are apparent from the start. The long finish reveals notes of nuts, chestnuts and especially caramel.

- These coffee beans can be enjoyed at any time of the day with a square of dark chocolate.

Rwanda, Home of Gitega Hills Coffee Beans

This coffee comes from the Gitega Hills coffee washing station in Nyamagabe district. It was built in 2015 by a local pharmacist Bernard Uwitije.

The surrounding volcanoes enrich the soils with nutrients, which finds its way in the cup while drinking this coffee. The washing station is supplied by about 1,200 farmers from the neighbouring areas of Gitega, Karama, Nyanza and Ngara. All these farmers are supervised by two field professionals who help them implement the best farming practices throughout the year.

Bernard also offers certain benefits to his partner farmers, such as health insurance, loans, organic fertilizer from coffee cherry compost and also seeds for pineapple planting that help maintain a rich and diverse ecosystem.


LA BOHEME, Specialty Coffee in Prague and in Your Home!

If you had to choose one brand of specialty, healthy and sustainable coffee, it would definitely be this one! It is a major player in the world of Specialty Coffee with its finest coffee beans, so much so that you hear about it even after you walk through the doors of its coffee shop in Prague.

Charles Fleer is the founder of this coffee shop. His ambition is to improve the quality of coffee around the world and to contribute to its integrity, policy, transparency and, above all, its sustainability. As he himself visits the producing countries for four months of the year, he knows what the current concerns are in coffee growing. He regularly puts his skills at the service of farmers in Africa and South and Central America to develop their plots and live off the fruits of their labour.

Discover also all our coffee beans on the dedicated page!

La Bohème Café

La Bohème Café represents a group of coffee experts and coffee farmers from around the world who dedicate their lives to grow the highest quality and most unique coffees. Based in Prague in Czech Republic, La Bohème coffee roasts by hand and in small batches to maintain freshness and premium quality.

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