Cafés Lugat Winter Blend 2023 Nespresso® Compatible Pods x 10

  • Limited Edition
  • Dark Roast
  • Notes of Hazelnuts, Fig, Cherry & Chocolate
  • Recyclable Aluminium
  • Specialty Coffee
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Discover the Winter Blend from Cafés Lugat in Nespresso® compatible pods. This exceptional coffee with rich, fruity notes is a limited edition. Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of winter with this blend with notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, candied fig and black cherry.
Intensite Strong Coffee
Appellation   Blend
Variete 100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   France


Discover Our Winter Blend: a Cafés Lugat Limited Edition!


winter blend 2023 cafes lugat

Winter Blend: an Exceptional Coffee in Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Winter Blend is a 100% Arabica blend from Brazil and Uganda. The different varieties of Arabica (Mundo Novo, Catuai and Moka) harvested between 1600 and 1800 metres above sea level are perfectly combined to give this coffee delicious notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, candied fig and black cherry. The dark roast makes this blend a very tasty espresso with a pronounced bitterness.

The cup opens with a delectable attack on the palate, with notes of candied fruit. Its round body is followed by a long chocolate mouthfeel, with hints of hazelnut. This strong, intense espresso will appeal to lovers of full-bodied coffees.
espresso winter blend cafes lugat

Cafés Lugat's Tasty Limited Edition

Dive into the heart of winter with Nespresso® compatible capsules from Cafés Lugat. Indulge in this exceptional limited edition coffee that will warm up your winter mornings.

This Winter Blend is a rich and fruity speciality coffee, created in our workshops to meet the requirements of Maxicoffee customers who appreciate smooth espressos. It's the perfect capsule for those who like to discover powerful, intense coffees. More than just a coffee, a full-bodied caffeinated experience awaits you in these capsules compatible with your Nespresso® capsule machine.

Don't wait any longer, this is a limited edition!
Cafés Lugat

Cafés Lugat

Cafés Lugat boasts a team of enthusiastic young coffee roasters who select exceptional coffees and create irresistible recipes just for you. Through their range of coffee beans, ground coffees and Nespresso® compatible capsules, their mission is to bring you the unique flavour and aromas from the world's best coffee-producing areas!

Their passion for coffee has even won them awards. Marco, the brand's head roaster, was awarded the French Barista Championship title at the 2017 French Championships.

Cafés Lugat Winter Blend 2023 Nespresso® Compatible Pods x 10
Capsule materials Aluminium
EAN : 3700809387216
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