Bazzara Ground Coffee 100% Arabica Dodicigrancru - 250g

  • 100% Arabica
  • Blend of 12 grand crus
  • For a luxury tasty espresso
  • Roasted in Italy
  • 250g ground coffee
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Bazzara Dodicigrancru ground coffee: a blend of 100% Arabica with 12 of the best Grand Crus in the world. A best seller and certainly one of the best espresso blends from the MaxiCoffee selection! A really aromatic & flavoursome coffee with notes of dark chocolate, candied orange, rum and almonds. 250g ground coffee. 

 Main Characteristics:

Intensite Strong Coffee
Appellation  Blend
Variete  100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Italy


A Blend of the 12 best Arabicas in the World including Blue Mountain Coffee:

Bazzara Dodicigrancru is a blend of 12 of the best Grand Cru Arabica coffees in the world. It contains Blue Mountain from Jamaica,  coffees from Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, India and Ethiopia. 

It is a blend with floral notes reminiscent of orange blossom.   Other flavours intermingle: candied oranges, roasted almonds and a slight hint of West Indian rum.  You will be seduced by this coffee offering you a slightly spicy aftertaste with flavours reminiscent of orangettes (delicious mixture of dark chocolate and candied orange).


"Our primary goal is to design trustworthy blends of excellent quality". Innovation, quality and artisinal expertise - this is our motto. We are particularly proud of our DodiciGrancru blend (previously known as Top 12), which in addition to being a unique coffee, is part of a sensory experience project that we have been working on for some time. "

Cafés Lugat Ground Coffee Dark'n Sweet for Filter Coffee Makers - 250g
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
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Les Petits Torréfacteurs Ground Coffee Tiramisu Flavoured Coffee - 250g
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h