George Cannon Jasmin Chung Hao pure origin organic jasmine green tea - 100g loose leaf in tin

  • Pure origin green tea from China
  • Dried with Jasmine flowers
  • Organic tea
  • 100g loose leaf in tin
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George Cannon Jasmin Chung Hao: a pure origin organic green tea flavoured with jasmine flowers. For a beautifully fragrant jasmine green tea! 100g loose leaf tea in metal tin

George Cannon

George Cannon

The history of the George Cannon Tea House began in 1898 when George Cannon, a British citizen, married a French woman and subsequently created an eponymous tea trading company in Paris. 

In 1970, André Scala bought the company. In 1978, his son joined him at the helm. It was his son who quickly realised that further growth of the company could be achieved by venturing into the flavoured teas market, and as a result he persuaded his father to invest in the area. It was the start of a successful era.

Unknown to the general public for a long time, the tea house succeeded in developing a unique style and today boasts more than 500 original high quality teas as well as a range of scented teas.


George Cannon Jasmin Chung Hao pure origin organic jasmine green tea - 100g loose leaf in tin
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions
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