Luxury Compagnie Coloniale Breakfast flavoured black tea - 150g loose leaf tea in metal tin.

  • Natural black tea
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Packaging: 150g in metal box
  • Strong notes
  • When to drink: in the morning
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Breakfast black tea by Compagnie Coloniale. This black tea will seduce you with its full bodied notes. 150g loose leaf tea in metal tin with double lid for a better preservation.

Compagnie Coloniale 

Compagnie Coloniale 

Founded in Paris in 1848, Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest brand of French tea, and remains a market leader due to its high quality blends. Its exceptional creations and aromas from all four corners of the world bring delight to tea lovers everywhere. Its Christmas Tea is still considered a "must have"product. But Compagnie Coloniale still regularly offers new innovative blends with surprising flavour combinations.

N°12 Yunnan Green Tea - 100g tin of loose leaf tea - Dammann Frères
  • Natural Green tea
  • Floral notes
  • From China
  • 100g loose leaf in tin
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Dammann Frères N°16 Soleil Vert flavoured Green Tea - 100g tin of loose leaf tea
  • Fruity Sencha green tea
  • With blood orange & orange peel
  • 100g loose leaf in metal tin
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N°20 Passion de Fleurs white tea - 60g tin of loose leaf tea - Dammann Frères
  • Fruity and floral white tea
  • Packaging: 60g in metal box
  • Perfect throughout the day
  • Rose petal, apricot and passion fruit flavours
  • Sweet and slightly sweetened
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N°17 - 7 Parfums black tea - 100g tin of loose leaf tea- Dammann Frères
  • Fruity- Floral black tea
  • Notes of lemon, bergamot, fresh fig, lotus flowers, pitanga, orange peel and rose petal
  • Origin: China Ceylon
  • Packaging: 100g in metal box
  • When to drink: during the day
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