Number N°3 Coffee Beans - 1kg

  • Blend
  • Congo, India, Costa Rica
  • Roasted in France
  • Ideal for espresso machines
  • 1Kg
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More about Number coffee beans :

NUMBER's Number 3 is a quality coffee that's also ideal for professional use, thanks to its cup quality. Sourced from different countries, this blend of several Arabicas (Congo, India, Costa Rica) is full-bodied and spicy in espresso. Taste this quality coffee bean or offer it to your customers and colleagues without fear. Packaging: 1 Kg

Key Facts

  • Variety
    100% Arabica
  • Designation
  • Origin
    Costa Rica, Congo, India
  • Roasting
    France (National Brands)

Roasted at MaxiCoffee
Fully enjoy the aromas of your coffee

Enjoy the result of high quality coffee beans in your cup, freshly roasted at MaxiCoffee.

  • We Source Our Coffee
    At MaxiCoffee, we carefully select all our coffees to offer you the best of each harvest. We take great care in storing and preserving our coffees to ensure that you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee all year round.
  • A Constant Quality
    Every day, our roasters taste all the coffees we roast to ensure that the cup we offer you is always of the highest quality.
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café en grain pour professionnels

Large volume coffee beans - NUMBER Number 3 - 1kg size

Do you have a business and want to take advantage of MaxiCoffee's full range of coffee beans? Then start with this Number 3 coffee bean from Number. It's interesting because it allows your guests to drink a 100% Arabica coffee made from a blend of coffees from Congo, India and Costa Rica. Appreciated for its full-bodied intensity and Made in France roasting, it reveals spicy notes as you savour the espresso. Fans of espresso machines will be delighted!

Discover them right here : Number Coffee Beans.

café bio Number

NUMBER, bean-to-cup coffee now a must-have

This brand has become a benchmark for many customers, thanks in particular to its Number 2 organic coffee beans, which offer the best value for money. At NUMBER, your product is treated with the utmost care, from the selection of beans to the packaging and roasting carried out in France. So it's the same quality you'll find in your cup, with the added assurance that it will become your favourite espresso. Thanks in part to the preliminary tests carried out by our coffee experts.

Redécouvrez le café avec

En partenariat avec Delonghi, les experts de Maxicoffee ont créé pour vous une sélection des meilleurs cafés pour votre espresso broyeur Delonghi. Après plusieurs tests, ils ont pu trouver la recette et les paramètres optimums pour ce café.

Réglage optimal pour votre Delonghi
Idéal en :

  Americano (~120ml)
Réglage moulin :

  Position 3 à 4
Réglage intensité :

LE PETIT + : Aussi bon en americano qu'en espres


The Number range of coffees was created and designed by a team of experts from MaxiCoffee, bringing together coffee experts, SCA coffee judges, artisan coffee roasters and baristas.

Their aim was to produce a coffee of impeccable quality for you to enjoy.

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