English Tea Shop Premium Holiday Collection - Blue edition - Organic tea x36 sachets

  • Organic tea selection
  • 36 sachets, 6 different blends
  • Green teas, black teas, rooibos, infusions
  • Great gift idea for tea lovers!
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English Tea Shop Premium Holiday Selection (Blue edition): a premium selection of organic teas to warm you during the festive period! A lovely metallic box with 36 individually-wrapped tea sachets, 6 different flavours.


Blue Holiday Collection Box 36 Teabags - English Tea Shop


Let yourself be enticed by the sweet and spicy flavours of Christmas with this assortment of organic teas and infusions from the English Tea Shop. 

This blue metal box with its magical illustrations evoking the Christmas period is a great gift idea. You will please someone who loves tea with original notes. 

In this Bleu Holiday Collection you'll find:

  • 6 x Christmas Night - Ceylon black tea, cinnamon pieces, cocoa, cloves, liquorice and vanilla pod pieces
  • 6 x Intoxicating Chai - Rooibos, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, garlic and blueberry
  • 6 x Irish Festival - Black tea, rooibos, ginger bits and cinnamon bits
  • 6 x Mentholé Mélo - Green tea, cinnamon, peppermint and liquorice
  • 6 x Spices Malicieuses - Green tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and pepper
  • 6 x Holiday Boost - Rosehip, hibiscus, peppermint leaf, apple, liquorice, cinnamon and rose petals

Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade:

English Tea Shop teas and herbal teas are responsibly sourced. The fields are not processed and are owned by small local producers, who are part of the fair trade system, guaranteeing them a fair wage. The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable


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Discover the whole range of teas and infusions from the famous English tea brand English Tea Shop. 

English Tea Shop Premium Holiday Collection - Blue edition - Organic tea x36 sachets
Organic Organic
Features Individually wrapped, Flat bags, Paper bags
Type of tea Infusion/Herbal Tea
Packaging Tea bags
Country of origin Sri Lanka
Box material Metal
EAN : 680275058304
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