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Best Tea Selection Box

Find the ideal gift for the tea lovers in your life, or just treat yourself with one of these tea selection boxes .
We have pretty tea gift boxes , box sets and special selection packs available as loose tea or tea sachets to make sure you will find what you are looking for ! Find all the biggest names in the world of tea : Compagnie Coloniale , Dammann Frères , Palais des Thés, English Tea Shop, Harney & Sons and many more! For the perfect tea experience, do not miss our selection of teas , tea infusers and tea accessories.

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Which Tea Gift Sets to Buy on MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee we have selected a wide range of tea gift sets to spoil your loved ones. The tea gift set is the perfect last minute present that is sure to please. It allows you to discover a range of tea, for yourself or for a loved one. The box allows you to get out of the best classic teas such as Earl Grey or Russian tea for example.

What is the Best Occasion to Offer a Tea Gift Set?

The tea gift set is a gift that makes you happy. It allows you to discover several recipes. The advantage is that you can offer it on many occasions:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Mother's day
  • Valentine's Day

The Different Brands of Tea Gift Sets

Dammann Frères Tea Gift Set

The Dammann brand offers a wide range of tea gift sets for all occasions. Whether it is to discover their range with My little boutique, to give as a gift, for a birthday with the special green tea (Quartz) or infusion (Topaz) boxes and for Christmas. They always choose a nice presentation, either in a large wooden or metal box. For the tea bags, you will find their signature crystal bag.

Palais des thés Tea Gift Set

The company also offers several Palais des thés creation gift boxes, which allow you to discover their fabulous range of tea and infusions. Discover small metal pots that will preserve the freshness and aromas of your loose tea. There is also a box of tea in muslin bags, you can taste 45 bags of 9 emblematic recipes. The creator François Xavier Delmas is a tea traveller, he travels the world to find and be inspired by new blends.

Kusmi Tea Gift Set

At Kusmi Tea, you will also find a gift set that offers a great selection of the tea range. They have collaborated with Chef Alain Ducasse. This box contains a recipe based on white tea with rose and raspberry.

The Organic Tea Boxes

For the Organic Tea Gift Sets, you will find a wide range of teas from the English Tea Shop brand, their teas are exclusively organically grown and their pyramid bags. Whether it's for a detox or a wellness cure. The pyramid box always makes an impact with its individually wrapped bags.

In the organic tea category, you will also find the Clipper brand and their original recipe as well as Kusmi Tea and their always daring Christmas box. There are also organic tea sets.

Infusion and Herbal Tea Gift Set

The preparation of a pure origin tea always requires precision, whether it is the infusion time or the temperature of the water. The advantage of infusion is that it offers health benefits, sleep benefits and is simple to prepare. Go for an herbal tea gift set!

Why Buy a Tea or Herbal Tea Gift Set?

Tea Boxes to Offer

The tea box is a gift that is always pleasing, you are sure not to make a mistake, the person will be happy to discover new recipes and will pass for a connoisseur when he will taste them in turn. Giving an assortment of teas reduces the risk of making a mistake if you offer a unique choice of tea.

Christmas Tea Gift Set

For Christmas, there are several possibilities; gift boxes that you give yourself like an advent calendar, one surprise per day until Christmas Eve. Or the Christmas gift set, which allows you to enjoy spiced drinks to wait for the gift or to relax during the preparation.

The different Tea and Herbal Tea Gift Sets

The tea gift set is available in several formats, whether for pleasure or as a gift. The box to be discovered can be exclusively in bag, in bulk with or without an infuser or in organic, you will find the ideal attention.