Dammann Frères Bali iced tea x 6 sachets

  • Fruity green tea
  • With lychee, peach, rose, grapefruit
  • To make a refreshing iced tea!
  • 1 box of 6 sachets
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Bali iced tea by Dammann Frères: an infusion of delicate jasmine green tea with lychee, blood peach, rose and grapefruit. Put 1 sachet in 1.5L of cold water, leave in the fridge for 7 to 8 hours and enjoy a beautiful iced tea ! 1 box of 6 sachets

Bali by Dammann Frères
Dammann Frères offers you a new healthy and enjoyable version of iced tea, to be appreciated throughout the day: transparent sachets revealing whole tea leaves, flower petals and pieces of fruit.
When left in cold water overnight, each sachet will give a delicately flavoured water with no need for additional sugar.
These same sachets can also be used as a base for creative tea-based cocktails (recipes can be found on the box).
Recommendations: 1 sachet of 5g for a volume of water of 1.5L. Infuse for 8 hours in cold water.
Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères is faithful to the values and traditions of the world's leading tea-producing countries. Selecting, importing, tasting, storing, transporting, inventing...
The Dammann Frères connoisseurs work tirelessly to offer you the finest of blends and the subtlest of flavours.
Striving for perfection with the sole objective of providing satisfaction and pleasure to tea lovers everywhere.

Dammann Frères Bali iced tea x 6 sachets
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions, Iced Teas, Not individually wrapped, Pyramid bags, Chiffon bags
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