The Big Debate: loose tea vs. tea bags?

The Big Debate: loose tea vs. tea bags?

Tea bags


Tea bag devotees will tell you that their way is the simplest, quickest and most practical way to make a good cup of tea.

Nowadays, the amount of tea per cup has already been measured out in a tea bag, so you don’t even need to think about it! Just pop it in your cup, let it brew, and your work is done :)

However, if you stick to tea bags, you’ll continue to miss out on the vast choice of high quality teas on offer. For a start, it’s not easy to find pure origin tea sold in sachets. That said, if you prefer your tea sweetened or with a drop of milk, then tea bags are likely to fit the bill perfectly.

Although tea in sachets are very convenient, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the preparation side of things. To extract all the flavours from your tea and to avoid bitterness, always check the instructions for the correct water temperature and infusion time.

Look out for pyramid-shaped tea bags as they tend to unleash all the aromas better than flat sachets.

Loose leaf tea

loose tea

Unsurprisingly, loose leaf tea enthusiasts will tell you that this format beats tea bags every time! The choice is certainly much greater: you can pick from all kinds of blends and flavours under the sun. Once you’ve settled for one, it’s all about knowing what ratio of tea to water best suits you (the basic ratio is 2g / 10cl) and how to brew your tea. In other words: which infusion method should you use? And that’s where I hope to be helpful ;)

Above all else, loose tea needs space to infuse properly. So my first tip is to avoid small infusers that will restrict the extraction of all the lovely flavours. Tea leaves must have as much contact as possible with water, hence the need for a bigger filter.

Infusion techniques

Teapot with infuser

The teapot with infuser is surely the best way to brew your loose leaf tea. This method ensures that your tea has enough space to mix with the water and develop its flavours, resulting in a really tasty cup of tea.


Tea infuser mug

Mugs with infusers with a capacity for least 30cl (300ml) of water are a great solution when drinking tea on your own (at work or at home). It works in the same way as a teapot, only with smaller quantities. I’m a big fan ;)

tea infuser mug

Paper tea filters

Are you a real tea addict? If you’re the sort of person who drinks tea to start the day, followed by a second cup after lunch and a soothing brew before bedtime, then paper tea filters are made for you! Just use your favourite loose leaf tea whenever you want by filling your own tea bag each time.

Now it’s over to you: which method suits you best? And no matter what technique you choose, always remember: a good cup of tea should be about comfort, enjoyment and sharing!

paper filter

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