How to Make Coffee with a Chemex

A true icon of Slow Coffee, the Chemex is an extraction method, a skill and a work of art. If you want to know all its secrets and enjoy the full aroma of your coffee, here is our recipe for making a proper Chemex coffee.

What is the Chemex?

Making chemex coffeeWhen we talk about a Chemex, the term often encompasses both the beautifully designed coffee maker and the extraction method that allows its full potential to be realised. The Chemex is a hourglass-shaped coffee maker that brews your coffee slowly and gently.


Invented in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex coffee maker is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the permanent collection. The Chemex is made of glass with a wooden handle which gives it its unique design. Its silhouette is enhanced by its distinctive filter and flared spout.

How Do I Fold a Chemex Filter?

When you first see a Chemex filter, it can be a little confusing. This large square paper filter does not look like a traditional filter. But don’t let discourage you. In fact, when you take your filter out of the package, it is already folded and ready to use.

Simply open it so that you have three layers of paper on one side and one layer on the other. Then place your filter in the Chemex, with the three-ply side facing the spout. This way you can become a real Chemex coffee expert in no time… as long as you follow the right dosage and pouring method, which we are going to detail below.

Chemex recipe

Brewing Chemex Coffee: Step by Step



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Ingredients :

  • 30g ground coffee (coarse)
  • 500g water


  • 1 Chemex 6 cups
  • 1 Chemex filter
  • 1 grinder (or use pre-ground coffee)
  • 1 scale
  • 1 gooseneck kettle

Chemex coffeeOur Tips for a Successful Brew

To make the extraction of your grind more harmonious, we advise you to pour your water making circular movements. From the outside to the inside, then from the inside to the outside.


Brewing using a light roast: water temperature: 92°C

Brewing using a medium roast: water temperature: 91°C

Our Coffee Selection for Your Chemex

To get the most out of the aromatic notes of your Chemex, we recommend that you use light or medium roast coffees. This will allow you to appreciate the full range of your coffee’s aroma and terroir with a subtle cup just like a work of art.





The Sakura Blend – Cafés Lugat


Chemex coffee : Sakura Blend - Cafés Lugat Maxicoffee Sakura Blend


El Maya – Cafés Lugat

Chemex Coffee El Maya - Cafés Lugat El Maya Cafés Lugat

Colombia Mandela – Kawa Coffee


Coffee for Chemex : Colombia Mandela - Kawa CoffeeColombia Mandela

Moka Guracho – Cafés Lugat


Chemex Coffee Moka Guracho

Moka Guracho Cafés Lugat

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