Are you looking for an elegant way to serve hot drinks?  Canasuc has the solution! Choose these leaf-shaped moulded sugars to surprise your guests with this little attention.
Packaging: box of 72 sugars.


CANASUC Organic Moulded Sugar Leaf

This organic moulded sugar in the shape of a small leaf will add a natural touch to your gourmet tea or coffee breaks. Ideal to accompany your espresso, tea and herbal tea and other hot drinks, they will bring a little innocent pleasure in all lightness.  

Bring a floral, serene atmosphere to your gourmet breaks. Delicately placed on your saucer, they'll add a floral touch that's sure to delight your guests.

You'll find 72 pieces in a pretty 135g box that will add elegance to your cooking.

They are made and packaged in France. The cane sugar comes from Reunion Island or Mauritius.