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Which manual coffee grinder do I choose?

The coffee grinder is the ideal device to transform coffee beans into ground coffee .
Find the best brands selected with care such as Eureka, Hario, Mazzer, Fiorenzato and many others. Our wide range allows you to choose manual coffee grinder best suited to your needs. Choose a grinder according to the use you will make of the grind : depending on the coffee machine used, the fineness of the grind will be different. It is also important to look at the size of the bean container , the diameter of the grindstone and its shape (flat or conical grindstone), the speed at which the beans are ground , etc.

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How do I choose my coffee grinder?

The choice of your coffee grinder will depend on the method you use to make your coffee.

But whether it's espresso, slow coffee or a plunger coffee maker, your cup result will be better with freshly ground coffee to appreciate all the aromas and a homogeneous grind (fine or coarse) to avoid residues.

The manual coffee grinder

The manual coffee grinder has the advantage of being ecological-friendly and transportable . The price difference between models is often linked to the materials used, the performance and the possible adjustments.

For example, treated steel grinders will cost more than ceramic grinders, a grinder with ABS components will be less expensive. Your choice will therefore be more a question of ease of use and budget depending on the coffee you want to make.

Espresso requires a fine, homogeneous and very precise grind. If you opt for a manual espresso grinder , you should choose a model with numerous notch or micrometric settings, but also a grinder with which you can grind your coffee beans quickly, without getting too tired.

The finer your grind, the tighter your grindstones will be: you will need strength and stamina to get 20g of ground coffee with a basic manual grinder! Think about this when making your choice.

You will find a whole range of manual coffee grinders on our site: Comandante, Kinu, Timemore, Porle...

If you are looking for an antique coffee grinder , or a vintage coffee grinder , collectors will find their happiness with the manual coffee grinders from Peugeot, Kalita or even Hario.

The electric coffee grinder

Grind your coffee beans quickly for freshly ground coffee at any time, this is the advantage of the electric coffee grinder. This is true regardless of the type of coffee machine , espresso machine , percolator or extraction method used.

Your decision should be based on the type of grind settings you need: an moka pot will require a fairly fine grind, a piston coffee maker will settle for a fairly coarse grind. The most uncompromising: espresso with single filters! Also, don't forget the number of cups of coffee consumed in a year : this may decide you to switch to electric!

The grindstones of your coffee grinder and the different possible settings are the criteria to take into account: flat or conical grindstones, steel or ceramic grindstones , how many notches available...

This is a vast subject that we have covered in our articles: What are the different categories of coffee grinders? and The wheels of the coffee grinder .

Don't forget that the coffee grinder is your indispensable ally in obtaining a good coffee! The choice of your grinder is just as important as the choice of your coffee machine : if your grind is not adapted, the result of your coffee in a cup will be a failure!

Find the biggest brands of electric coffee grinders such as: Eureka, Mazzer, Fiorenzato... It's up to you