Kusmi Tea Organic BB Detox Tea - 20 tea bags

  • Organic BB Detox Tea
  • Mate, Green Tea, Rooisbos and Guarana
  • Notes of Grapefruit
  • 20 tea bags
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Discover Kusmi Tea's BB Detox tea. A refreshing tea which brings together tangy notes of grapefruit in a blend of mate, green tea, rooibos and guarana.

BB Detox has become one of the brand's bestsellers.  Fruity notes of grapefruit makes it the perfect blend for a healthy break!  20 tea bags.

Kusmi Tea Organic BB Detox Tea - 20 tea bags

BB Detox bio - Kusmi Tea

Let yourself be tempted by one of Kusmi Tea's best sellers. This BB Detox is made from an energizing and slightly acidic recipe on a base of green tea, mate and rooibos. The notes of grapefruit and guarana awaken this blend for a sunny break. The Rooibos offers a nice vanilla flavour in the mouth. The grapefruit and guarana offer fresh accents, rich in vitamins.

Ingredients : Green tea (30%), rosehip, maté (17%), rooibos, fennel, mint, grapefruit flavoring, flavorings, guarana seeds, dandelion

Kusmi Tea's Detox Range

This BB Detox is one of Kusmi Tea's best sellers. This addictive and energetic blend is ideal at any time of the day, especially for a refreshing break during the day.

You can find a whole range of Kusmi Tea detox teas at Maxicoffee, including one of their very first created in 2007, the Organic Detox

What is Mate Tea?

Matéor Mate Tea is starting to gain more and more allies, with many people enjoying it every day. And for good reason, it has many virtues, particularly detoxifying and rich in antioxidants. The real name of mate is Yerba mate, this plant comes from a tree of the holly family growing in South America.

The Argentines, who consume mate throughout the day, prepare it according to an unchanging ritual: the leaves are placed in a mate, sugar, honey or spices are added, a well is created into which a bombilla (a small cylinder used as a straw and filter) is inserted, hot water is poured in, it is left to infuse and is enjoyed without moderation.

Kusmi Tea's Tea Bags

Kusmi Tea offers a range of teabags in individual 50g bags so that you can enjoy your tea anywhere with ease.

Kusmi Tea tea bags are made from PLA (polylactic acid), a biosourced material manufactured by processing renewable plant materials. These bags do not contain any glue or staples. The string is also made of PLA and is connected to the bag by a thermal process. They are biodegradable and can be industrially composted in adapted collection channels.

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Kusmi Tea Organic BB Detox Tea - 20 tea bags
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