Compagnie Coloniale Christmas Giftset - 4 x 30g loose leaf tins

  • Compagnie Coloniale Christmas Gift Set
  • Perfect Gift for a Tea Lover
  • 4 Loose Leaf Teas
  • Packed in Metal Tins 4 x 30g
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Discover Compagnie Coloniale's perfect gift set for a tea lover! This little gingerbread-house looking box offers you a selection of 4 loose leaf tea packed in metal tins: Christmas Tea®, Thé des Neiges®, Etoile d'Orient® and Hiver Austral®. 4 x 30g loose leaf tea.

In this Gift Set discover the floowing teas:

Christmas Tea® is the original and exclusive blend for Season Greetings. According to the unique in-house steam-flavouring process, Christmas Tea® unveils subtle flavours of cherry and almond dotted with delicate cornflower petals. A colourful blend.

Thé des Neiges® is a blend of green and white teas with a delicate fruity taste. Sprinkled with white petals, this blend recalls all the beauty of the snowy mountains. 

Etoile d'Orient® is an original blend of Sencha and Chun Mee is flavoured with orange, spices and chocolate. An exceptional blend sprinkled with flowers and red berries. May contain traces of celery.

Hiver Austral® is the newly born blend which completes Compagnie Coloniale Christmas Collection. Originally from Austral Africa, this rooïbos is flavoured with red fruit and mandarin, a perfect after dinner hot drink.

Compagnie Coloniale 

Compagnie Coloniale 

Founded in Paris in 1848, Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest brand of French tea, and remains a market leader due to its high quality blends. Its exceptional creations and aromas from all four corners of the world bring delight to tea lovers everywhere. Its Christmas Tea is still considered a "must have"product. But Compagnie Coloniale still regularly offers new innovative blends with surprising flavour combinations.

Compagnie Coloniale Christmas Giftset - 4 x 30g loose leaf tins
Type of tea Black Tea, Green tea, White Tea, Rooibos
Packaging Loose leaf tea
Box material Classic (cardboard)
EAN : 3760166271313
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