Discover this innovative kit from Bluecup to make your own reusable, refillable coffee capsules,  compatible with your Nespresso machine. Easy, economical and ecological ! Just fill an empty Bluecup with your favourite ground coffee to use your own capsules with your Nespresso machine. This kit contains 2 refillable capsules, 100 aluminium foils, 1 capsule maker. SPECIAL OFFER : Receive 3 packs of Cafés Lugat ground coffee when you order. 


Starter Kit for Bluecup Nespresso® Pods + Gift Offer


mode emploi capsules nespresso bluecupThis innovative system allows you to create your own Nespresso® compatibles while reducing waste. These Bluecup pods are made from plastic and can be reused up to a hundred times.

They are 100% compatible with Nespresso® pod machines manufactured after October 2010.

This Bluecup Starter Kit Includes:

- 1 capsule assembler: for attaching the seal to the pod

- 2 reusable plastic pods

- 100 disposable / recyclable aluminium seals

- 1 pod holder

It's now child's play to make your own reusable and refillable Nespresso® compatible pods. These pods will save you money, reduce your ecological impact and, above all, you can add your favourite ground coffee!


An Eco-friendly Alternative

Unlike ready-to-use pods, the Bluecup solution can be used many times.

The plastic pods can be washed with water and reused a hundred times.

The aluminium seals can be disposed of as recyclable waste.

Ground coffee can be composted.

Reduce your ecological footprint with these innovative, practical and intelligent pods.

Please note: Bluecup can only be used in Nespresso® machines manufactured after October 2010.

Beyond Ground Coffee

The recommended grind for these Bluecup pods is espresso.

Use a coffee grinder to grind your coffee beans on demand for even fresher pods.

Our Gift Offer

As a gift with this Bluecup starter kit, we're giving away 3 packs of 250g organic ground coffee from Cafés Lugat:

- Sueño: a naturally decaffeinated coffee with notes of speculoos and spices.

- Mélange Bio: this blend of organic Arabicas from Peru and Ethiopia offers chocolate and citrus notes in the cup.

- Altura: an irresistible 100% Arabica coffee with gourmet cocoa, caramel and hazelnut notes.


Find a pack of 200 aluminium capsules and a pack of 6 Bluecup reusable capsules.

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The BlueCup brand specialises in reusable plastic capsules for Nespresso® machines. Convenient and simple to use, Bluecups enable you to make your own capsules with your personal choice of ground coffee. They help you reduce waste as all you throw away is the aluminium seal.

Bluecup Nespresso® Compatible Reusable Pods Starter Kit + Coffee
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