1336 (Scop TI) - Earl Grey black tea - 20 tea bags

  • Fruity black tea
  • Notes: bergamot
  • Ideal: day
  • Packaging: box of 20 muslin tea bags
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Box of Earl Gray black tea in muslin tea bags x 20 tea bags. 1336 brand was launched by SCOP TI (Société Coopérative Ouvrière Provençale de Thés et d'Infusions)A 100% natural tea recipe made in France!

1336 (SCOP-TI)

1336 (SCOP-TI)

1336 is the equivalent to 3 years and 241 days…in other words, the length of the stand-off that took place between a little mouse (the employees of the Fralib factory) and a big elephant (the the Anglo-Dutch multinational company Unilever : the number 1 manufacturer of ice cream and tea in the world: Lipton, etc.).

A few kilometres from Marseille, employees fought to keep their jobs and factory open in Gémenos, which had been destined for closure. After raising their concerns during three consecutive summers, and following a 1336-day exemplary campaign, the ex-employees of Fralib finally won, taking over the SCOP-TI (Société Coopérative Ouvrière Provençale de Thés et d'Infusions) factory and launching the 1336 brand of teas and infusions. 

A symbolic brand of black teas and 100% naturally-flavoured infusions. All of the company's teas and infusions are manufactured in Gémenos, near Marseille, by around 60 employees from the SCOP-TI cooperative.

1336 (Scop TI) - Earl Grey black tea - 20 tea bags
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions, Individually wrapped, Flat bags, Paper bags
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