Coffee Beans: Our Top 5 Winter Blends

Coffee Beans: Our Top 5 Winter Blends

We are approaching the festive season and winter is coming! Thanks to our team of expert at MaxiCoffee, I was able to try a lot of different coffees this autumn to select the best winter blends for the holiday season.

So brace yourself and let me present you our Top 5 winter blends to end 2020 on a comforting note!


Winter Blends: Christmas in Italy

1 -100% Arabica Centopercento – Caffe Mauro

First on the list, here is a 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America roasted by the iconic Italian roasting company, Caffè Mauro.

I know I keep on talking about Italian-style coffees but I like playing it safe ;)

If, like me, you love a powerful coffee with a syrupy texture, these Centopercento coffee beans are perfect for you! You’ll discover a strong coffee with subtle notes of ripe red fruits and cocoa. Ideal as an espresso, ristretto or as a base for cappuccino or a latte!


Coffee Beans Centopercento Caffè Mauro

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2 – Pellini Top: for an Intense Coffee

After mentionning Caffè Mauro, it would be hard to miss Pellini Top when talking about Italian roasts. This coffee comes from Verona in Italy and is ideal served with milk: as a Cappuccino, a Latte, or a Macchiato! The typical bitterness of Italian dark roasts are here smoothed by milk offering chocolatey notes and a balanced cup.

Coffee beans Pellini Top Espresso

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French Roasts

3 – Winter Blends: Christmas Blend by Cafés Lugat

Discover Cafés Lugat‘s Christmas Blend: a blend of Arabica from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia. Artisanally roasted by Cafés Lugat in France, this coffee offers notes of nutty chocolate spread, almonds and ginger, perfect for a winter morning!

A smooth and chocolatey coffee with spices notes that will suit both espresso and filter brewing methods.

Coffee beans Cafés Lugat Blend de Noël

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Inclusive and Committed Coffees

4- L’Extra ordinaire – N° 2 by Café Joyeux

Discover this 100% Arabica blend from Brazil and Colombia by Café Joyeux.

Round and smooth like velvet, l’Extra-ordinaire will surprise you with its sweet notes of dark chocolate and licorice as well as its fruity notes of ripe prune.

Café Joyeux’s mission is to be an inclusive company, and is especially dedicated to serving the disabled community. Café Joyeux hires, trains and accompanies people with disabilities into everyday life and particularly into the workplace.

Whether in the cafés or in the selection and roasting process of its coffees, Café Joyeux promotes a better inclusion and integration of people with disabilities.

coffee beans Café joyeux No 2 - L'extraordinaire

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5 -Organic Winter Blends – Ethiopia Moka Barak by Green Lion Coffee

Green Lion coffee beans are cultivated on organic soils respecting the environment and its biodiversity. Therefore, once manually harvested, they are roasted in France with care and precision.

Indeed, at Green Lion, each terroir is carefully selected and crafted with the perfect roast. Green Lion is thus able to meet both Fair Trade and sustainable production with quality and taste.

coffee beans green lion moka baraka

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