Perle de Café ESE pods Ethiopia Organic x 20

  • Specialty Coffee
  • Organic Farming
  • 100% Arabica
  • 44mm pods
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Discover Organic Ethiopia ESE Pods by Perle de café


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A Quality Forest Coffee

This speciality coffee is produced in a pesticide- and fertiliser-free environment. It is an organic coffee of pure origin from the coffee forests of Echemo, in Ethiopia. The region is believed to be the birthplace of the discovery of the effects of coffee. A young shepherd - Kaldi - is said to have realised the virtues of coffee when he saw his goats bursting with energy after grazing on the coffee trees.

It's all this history and this power that can be found in this ESE pod. In the cup, you'll enjoy a generous, surprising coffee with notes of mango, blueberry and vanilla.
Perle de Café ESE pods Ethiopia Organic x 20
Type of drink Coffee & Espresso
EAN : 7610244013365
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Price comparison : 6€70
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