Palais des Thés Tea Advent Calendar 2023 - 24 assorted tea sachets

  • Premium teas & herbal teas
  • 24 tea surprises in muslin tea sachets
  • Limited Edition for Xmas 2023
  • From Palais des Thés
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Enjoy December with this lovely 2023 Tea Advent Calendar from Palais des Thés, full of gourmet surprises: fragrant tea blends, herbal teas... All carefully selected by tea experts. A sweet way to wait for the holidays with a delicious moment of pleasure in your cup for 24 days! Limited edition.


Palais des Thés 2023 Advent Calendar


Palais des Thés 2023 Advent Calendar

Palais des Thés Advent Calendar to Countdown to Christmas

Proudly display your Palais des Thés Advent Calendar. It's a beautiful creation with a modern and poetic look, showcasing the magic of Christmas and its sparkling decorations. This calendar transports you to a charming and enchanting world.

To keep the magic alive, open your Advent Calendar. You'll discover a refined creation that delivers surprising taste sensations. Each of the compartments will allow you to explore a new delight every day until the grand finale on the 24th. Let yourself be carried away each day by intoxicating and diverse flavours from around the world.

In this Palais des Thés 2023 Advent calendar, you'll find fragrant creations, such as the Thé du Louvre collection, as well as origin teas and infusions rich in benefits. Young and old, everyone deserves their Advent Calendar to wait for Christmas. With this Palais des Thés tea Advent Calendar, tea enthusiasts are in for a treat!

This Palais des Thés 2023 tea Advent Calendar is limited edition and comes with free delivery. Don't wait; there won't be enough for everyone! The Palais des Thés tea bags are hand-stitched in natural cotton, free from staples, plastic, and metal rings. Free delivery!

Palais des Thés Advent Calendar

Composition of the Palais des Thés 2023 Calendar

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Below is the list of teas included in the composition of the Palais des Thés Advent Calendar:

  • The Magnificent Tea, Limited Edition 2023
  • Grand Yunnan Imperial
  • French-Style Garden
  • Genmaicha Yama
  • Tea of Lovers
  • Tea of Dreams
  • Saint-James O.P.
  • Grand Jasmin Chun Feng
  • Scandinavian Detox
  • Blue Mountain
  • The Wonderful Tea
  • Imperial Chaï
  • Imperial Pu Erh
  • Tea of the Sands
  • Big Ben
  • The Herbalist N°108
  • Long Jing
  • Lords' Rooibos
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope
  • Tea of the Vahinés
  • Sencha Ariake
  • Blue of London
  • Hammam Tea
  • Infusion N°25
Palais des Thés

Palais des Thés

Palais des Thés was formed when 50 discerning tea drinkers decided to create their own business. In order to guarantee the freshness and quality of their teas, they source them directly from the plantations.

Their frequent visits to the plantations and their fostering of lasting relationships with suppliers, not only allows Palais des Thés to bring you the best quality products and share their travels and experiences, it also ensures the effective management of environmental problems, plantation working conditions and their fair trade policy.