Dammann Frères - Bali Herbal Tea- 25 sachets Cristal

  • Fruity herbal tea composition: lime, verbena, lychee, grapefruit, vine peach and rose
  • Ideal at the end of the day
  • Packaging : 24 crystal sachets
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The famous Bali recipe, which combines lychee, grapefruit, vine peach and rose, is combined with the soft, honeyed notes of lime blossom and the sweet, lemony aromas of verbena. This fruity tea is ideal at the end of the day. Packaging: 24 Crystal sachets.

Main caracteristics

Tea family
Famille Herbal
Type of tea
Type Flavoured
aromes Lychee / Grapefruit
Dominante Fruity
Origine --
Brewing guide
Temps 6 min
Tempeature  100°C
Temps Day


Bali Herbal Tea - Dammann Frères

Let yourself be enchanted by the sweet honeyed notes of lime blossom and lemon verbena associated with the aromas of lychee, grapefruit, vine peach and a touch of rose. This sweet and fruity blend is enhanced by a few flower petals to savour this tea as much in its taste as in its appearance.

Discover a wide range of loose tea (100 grams) from Dammann Frères to vary the pleasures!

To facilitate the brewing of your loose tea, don't hesitate to use a kettle, a paper filter or a tea ball.


Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères is faithful to the values and traditions of the world's leading tea-producing countries. Selecting, importing, tasting, storing, transporting, inventing...
The Dammann Frères connoisseurs work tirelessly to offer you the finest of blends and the subtlest of flavours.
Striving for perfection with the sole objective of providing satisfaction and pleasure to tea lovers everywhere.

Dammann Frères - Bali Herbal Tea- 25 sachets Cristal
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions, Not individually wrapped, Pyramid bags, Chiffon bags
EAN : 3259920079581
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