Fellow Stagg Kettle in Polished Stainless Steel - 1L

  • Capacity: 1L
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Gooseneck Kettle for Pour-over
  • Thermometer Included
  • Compatible with Induction
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Discover this beautiful 1 litre Stagg kettle from the Fellow brand. A special slow coffee kettle, with a simple yet classic design. Easy to use. With thermometer on top. You'll be bowled over by this range of products imported directly from the United States.

The combination of its ultra-thin spout and its practical and massive handle will allow you to pour your water into your Chemex or Dripper with great precision. Because the point of gravity is close to your hand, it gives you a very good counterbalance.
The Stagg kettle is equipped with a thermometer located on the top of the kettle. 
As it is an American product, please note that the thermometer is in degrees Fahrenheit.
Made of high quality stainless steel, the Stagg kettle will intimidate your other kitchen accessories!
This kettle is compatible with induction, gas and electric hobs. However, as the manufacturer tells us, the use of gas can discolour the bottom of your kettle.
This Fellow Stagg kettle has already attracted great Barista from around the world and has been spotted in major Slow Coffee competitions! 


Fellow is a young American company, based in San Francisco. They joined the world of coffee with the intention of rejuvenating the sector by manufacturing an innovative, stylish, functional and efficient product range. They have also created products ideal for teas.

Fellow Stagg Kettle in Polished Stainless Steel - 1L
Volume 1 L
Main material(s) Stainless steel
Dominant colour(s) Silver
Cup capacity 8 cups
Temperature setting Without adjustments
Kettle type For slow coffee, Non-electric
Gooseneck spout Yes
EAN : 860937000203
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Price comparison : 79€90
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