Dammann Frères Chamomile herbal tea- 21 Cristal® sachets

  • Herbal tea
  • Soothing Chamomile
  • 21 individually-wrapped sachets
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Chamomile herbal tea that produces sweet and floral flavours with a slight hint of bitterness. 21 individually-wrapped sachets in a box by Dammann Frères.

The texture of the Cristal® sachets by Dammann Frères is close to silk, making it possible to obtain an infusion identical to one provided by loose leaf tea of equal quality.

Each sachet contains 2g.


Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères is faithful to the values and traditions of the world's leading tea-producing countries. Selecting, importing, tasting, storing, transporting, inventing...
The Dammann Frères connoisseurs work tirelessly to offer you the finest of blends and the subtlest of flavours.
Striving for perfection with the sole objective of providing satisfaction and pleasure to tea lovers everywhere.

Dammann Frères Chamomile herbal tea- 21 Cristal® sachets
Features Individually wrapped, Flat bags, Chiffon bags
EAN : 3259920094065
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