Compagnie Coloniale Thé de Noël Christmas Black Tea - 100g loose tea tin

  • Christmas Black Tea
  • Notes of Almond and Cherry
  • 100g loose leaf tea in metal box
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Compagnie Coloniale's Christmas black tea Thé de Noël is a Chinese black tea flavoured with almond and cherry. 100g loose leaf tea in special metal tin.

Tea family
FamilleBlack Tea
Type of tea
Type Flavoured
top notes
amesAlmond / Cherry
Dominante Rich & Sweet
Origine China
brewing guide
Temps 4-5 min
Temperature 90°C
Temps Morning - Afternoon


Christmas Black Tea - Compagnie & Co


Christmas Black Tea - Compagnie & Co

A Fruity Christmas Tea

Developed for many years by Compagnie & Co, Christmas Tea is the original and exclusive blend for the end of the year, revealing subtle flavours of cherry and almond, sprinkled with cornflower petals. The boxes are finished in a truly luxurious matt varnish. They have a double lid, so the flavours are perfectly preserved.

When preparing your tea, it's important to respect the temperature recommended by Compagnie & Co. For Christmas black tea, the water should be at 90° and the herbal tea should steep for 4 to 5 minutes. The scent of cherries goes perfectly with the sweetness of almonds.
Compagnie Coloniale 

Compagnie Coloniale 

Founded in Paris in 1848, Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest brand of French tea, and remains a market leader due to its high quality blends. Its exceptional creations and aromas from all four corners of the world bring delight to tea lovers everywhere. Its Christmas Tea is still considered a "must have"product. But Compagnie Coloniale still regularly offers new innovative blends with surprising flavour combinations.

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