Compagnie Coloniale Ceylon Vanilla Black Tea - 100g loose leaf tea

  • Flavoured Black Tea
  • Notes: Vanilla
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • 100g loose leaf tea
  • When to drink: Afternoon
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Compagnie Coloniale's 100g bag of loose black tea with vanilla. This Ceylon OP tea is flavoured with vanilla and sprinkled with pieces of vanilla pods. A treat for lovers of gourmet tea!

Main Characteristics:

FamilleBlack Tea
type of tea
Type Flavoured
Dominante Gourmet
Origine Sri Lanka
brewing guide
Temps 3-4 min
Temperature 95°C
Temps Day


Vanilla Black Tea - Compagnie Coloniale

This OP Ceylon tea, flavoured with vanilla and sprinkled with pieces of vanilla pods, is a real treat!
This Compagnie Coloniale black tea is the result of a unique steam flavouring process that gives the tea leaves a caramelised shine and brings subtle flavours that will remain true to the palate as well as the nose.

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Compagnie Coloniale 

Compagnie Coloniale 

Founded in Paris in 1848, Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest brand of French tea, and remains a market leader due to its high quality blends. Its exceptional creations and aromas from all four corners of the world bring delight to tea lovers everywhere. Its Christmas Tea is still considered a "must have"product. But Compagnie Coloniale still regularly offers new innovative blends with surprising flavour combinations.

Compagnie Coloniale Ceylon Vanilla Black Tea - 100g loose leaf tea
Organic Non-organic
Type of tea Black Tea
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions
Dominant notes Tasty
Country of origin Sri Lanka
Terroir Ceylon
EAN : 3700809381221
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