Organic Matcha Tea Powder - Aromandise


A Matcha Green Tea Powder with Healthy Properties

Discover this matcha green tea powder which is a dietary treasure for your health. It comes from the orchards of the Uji region, one of the most prestigious areas for premium quality leaves.
It promises a feat of sweetness and a low bitter green intensity. All this is enhanced by round and fragrant herbal flavours. All of which makes for a comforting and well-deserved break.

Did you know? Matcha has stimulating and invigorating properties that will help you resist physical and mental fatigue.
This Matcha green tea has the great advantage of being cultivated from father to son for generations! A real work of goldsmith carried out by hand to see the tea plants grow!

Take a trip to the land of the rising sun with this matcha tea from Aromandise!
Aromandise Organic Matcha Tea Powder - 50g
Organic Organic
Type of tea Green tea
Features Biodegradable
Dominant notes Floral/Grassy
Country of origin Japan
EAN : 3560467100042