How to choose the roast colour of your coffee

How to choose the roast colour of your coffee

Choosing the right coffee is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are various criteria that have to be taken into account, each depending on your own personal tastes and preferences. Some of you will appreciate light coffees with several layers of flavours that subtly emerge during tasting, while others will prefer more balanced brews. There are lovers of Italian-style espressos, who swear by the most intense coffees. Or those of you with a ‘multi-palate’ or ‘multi-taste’ profile, who drink different styles of coffee at different times of day, or quite simply depending on your mood. Perhaps you prefer a full-bodied coffee in the morning, and a lighter brew in the afternoon… Or maybe it’s the other way round!

When it comes to choosing coffee beans, the roast colour is one of the main markers to ensure that you’re getting the right coffee to suit your tastebuds. It’s a bit like selecting your bananas at the fruit & veg stall: some like them firm and green, others prefer them soft and over-ripe. Each to their own :-)

To help you decide, we’re going to take a look at the differences between each degree of roast, so that you can identify the right roast colour for YOU!

Which roast colour is right for you?

Our coffees have been sorted into 5 roast colours: very light, light, medium, dark, very dark. So, which one suits your personal tastes?

Here are the tasting characteristics for each one (just a little more reading, then you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to identify your perfect coffee!)


  • Very light colour (roasting time: 8/10 mins)
  • A light-tasting coffee; fruity and/or floral flavours
  • The coffee’s original characteristics are fully respected (a Moka Konga for example, from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia, offers fruity notes of a rare intensity that are typical of its local area)
  • Vibrant acidity

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  • Light colour (roasting time: 10/13 mins)
  • A coffee with a gentle and balanced taste; fruity, floral, rich or spiced flavours
  • The original characteristics of the coffee are preserved, but slightly reworked for greater versatility (to be used for filter coffee or espressos)
  • A touch of acidity (depending on the particular coffee)

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  • Brown colour (roasting time: 13/16 mins)
  • A balanced coffee; well-rounded; hints of sweetness
  • The original characteristics of the coffee are toned down in order to develop its body, its flavours and its length on the palate
  • Very little acidity

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  • Dark brown colour (roasting time: 20/25 mins)
  • Full-bodied coffee; lightly-toasted flavours
  • No acidity
  • A touch of bitterness

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  • Black colour (roasting time: 25/30 mins)
  • Strong coffee; toasted/smoky flavours
  • Sharp bitterness
  • Long aftertaste

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I hope that these tips can help in your quest to discover your own perfect coffee. But if you’re still a bit lost, then why not try our Coffee Discovery Pack? It contains a varied choice of coffees, each roasted in a different style.

Happy tasting!


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