Flair Espresso: Discover the World of Lever Manual Espresso

Flair Espresso: Discover the World of Lever Manual Espresso

Flair Espresso’s journey started when Sergio Landau, a mechanical engineer and espresso lover who made his own machine to enjoy espressos at home. The Classic Flair Espresso arrived on the market in late 2016 in California. From there, the Flair Espresso became one of the best lever manual espresso machines.

The Original

The Flair Espresso Classic is the original version of the famous manual espresso maker that transformed the craft coffee industry in 2016. The machine is capable of brewing between 6-9 BAR pressure. It is exactly what you need to brew cafe-quality espresso wherever you are.

Flair Espresso Classic in black

Flair Espresso Original Classic


The maintenance of an espresso machine is sometimes complicated, but not with the Flair: all the parts can be dismantled and therefore be cleaned easily.

Indeed, with the Classic Flair Espresso, you get the brew chamber (the Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter), the lever itself, the base piece and few plastic accessories including a plastic drip tray.

This ability to break everything down makes the Flair Espresso a real nomad machine. Because the brand took care of all the details, a hybrid part can be used as a tamper and a special carrying case is provided.

Flair Espresso Travelling Case

The Flair Espresso is great to experiment with. It is a modular machine that can be adjusted as you use it thanks to its various upgrades available.

For example, we would advice on getting the Flair Pressure Gauge Kit to be placed on top of the brew chamber. It will allow you to be more precise to reach the perfect extraction (6-9 BAR pressure).

Flair Espresso Pressure Gauge

Finally, we’ll recommend Flair’s tiny tamper, because it’s cute and handy!

Flair Espresso NEO: The Affordable Flair


Flair Espresso NEO in Grey

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The Flair Espresso NEO is a more accessible, entry level lever espresso also made by Flair Espresso. It is either available as a grey or white unit and it is sold without a case.

The brew basket (in red) is a Flow Control Portafilter which is very easy to use. It works as a pressurised portafilter allowing you to make a perfect espresso with unevenly ground coffee. It also solves a problem of espresso making: grind size.

As you know, the key to making great espresso is to have perfectly ground coffee, which means that you will need a very precise grinder. Most grinders will be best suited for any type of coffee brewing except espresso.

Therefore, this portafilter will work to give you the best espresso possible. No matter how thin or uneven your ground coffee may be, you’ll get the perfect cup!

Moreover, the Flair NEO allows you at any point to upgrade for a Pressure Gauge or a Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter that you can find on the Classic Flair just above, or the Flair Signature just below.

Flair Espresso Signature

Flair Espresso Signature White

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With the Flair Signature, you don’t need to worry about upgrading. The Signature is available in white, chrome or black colour. The machine comes with the Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter on the Standard Brew Head. This is perfect for those who want the flexibility to brew their espresso spouted or naked.

The Signature also comes with the Pressure Gauge kit, the Flair tamper and the carrying case.


Flair Espresso PRO 2

Flair Espresso Pro 2 Chrome

With the Flair Espresso PRO 2, you will truly enjoy the comfort and the precision of the slow espresso making. You’ll get:

  • An improved bottomless portafilter for better flow dynamics
  • A removeable stainless steel spout
  • A silicone handle grip for brewing ergonomics
  • A silicone protective wrap to improve gauge durability

The PRO 2 Brew Head was designed to give the best manual espresso brewing experience that Flair Espresso has to offer. With a larger capacity cylinder and larger portafilter in stainless steel (46mm diameter), you can control your brew ratios with ease to ensure your espresso is brewed exactly the way you want it.

Note that the Classic and Signature Flairs can be upgraded to the PRO 2 Brew Head.

Finally, the custom silicone gauge guard was created to add an additional layer of protection and durability onto the pressure gauge.

Conclusion: Don’t Be Afraid of a Slow Espresso

At Maxicoffee, we believe in the Slow Coffee movement, about rediscovering coffee’s aromas, its diversity and enjoying different manual coffee brewing methods. Often opposed to espresso making, Slow Coffee methods bring us closer to our cup as they offer an active commitment for more mindful coffee production, distribution and consumption practices.

Flair Espresso brings us at the heart of espresso making: you need to earn your espresso with effort, discipline and attention. After all, Flair Espresso’s mantra is all about showing that “the journey – the process – is just as enjoyable as the outcome”.

So, don’t be afraid to jump into the world of Slow Espresso and enjoy the ride ;)

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