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MaxiCoffee selects the best brands of ground coffee to guarantee you a unique and delicious coffee .
There is something for everyone. We also offer freshly roasted and ground coffees from the best roasters , including Cafés Lugat : coffees roasted and ground by hand in our shop. Freshness and quality are the order of the day! Choose the ground coffee that suits you!

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You want to buy ground coffee?

It's decided you want to change the way you drink your coffee and you want to discover our ground coffees. It's an excellent idea and I'll explain why: You will gain in flavors, indeed the ground coffee retains more freshness and tasting notes. It is also the first step before switching to coffee beans! A freshly ground coffee will give you a richer flavored cup . You will also have an almost unlimited choice and a better traceability of the coffee consumed. You will also be able to choose exceptional coffees and find all the aromas in your cup. You will also save money, because ground coffee is much cheaper than the price of capsules. Finally, the coffee grounds are recyclable, so you generate less waste, a real boost for the environmental footprint .

Ground coffee blend or pure origin?

As its name clearly indicates, a Pure Origin coffee is made of beans from a single origin , a single geographical area . It is thus opposed to the " blend ", a mixture of several terroirs which has the advantage of harmonizing the taste of the coffee. Blend or pure origin, there is something for every taste at the best prices , treat yourself even at a low price with quality coffees! MaxiCoffee offers you coffees from South America , Central America , Africa ... .

Arabica or Robusta?

Arabica is known to offer better aromas . As for Robusta , its main quality is to favor crema ( ideal in Latte Art ) on your espresso and the power of the body of your coffee. The more intense and "strong" coffees generally contain Robusta , with a more advanced roast, while the softer and more aromatic coffees are most often 100% Arabica, with Medium roasts, also called "monk's robe" .

What is ground coffee?

Ground coffee is the most widely consumed form of coffee. It takes the form of coffee powder resulting from the grinding of coffee beans . All coffee comes from the coffee tree. The cherries of the tree are picked and processed to access the seeds inside, called green coffee beans. These coffee beans are then roasted before they are ready to be consumed and are called whole coffee beans. In order to extract as much flavor as possible, the beans are ground into fine particles .

How much coffee powder for a cup?

For a cup of coffee, we usually say that you need 7 g of coffee, whether it is ground or in beans. Depending on your taste, you can use a little less if you prefer a milder coffee, or a little more for a stronger coffee.

The advantages and disadvantages of ground coffee?

The advantages

The manufacturers take care to deliver your coffee at the ideal grind and therefore adapted to your machine. This saves time in your daily life while offering you a unique moment, all the aromatic complexity of an Arabica for example, all the balance of flavors and taste notes that it has to offer.

The disadvantages

Even when roasted to perfection, if it is not used correctly , it will only reveal part of the aroma it contains. It is thus necessary to really take into account the grind size according to the method of extraction . Moreover, even when well preserved, the grind remains in contact with the ambient air , which can alter the taste of the coffee even slightly. It is preferable to keep it in an airtight box .

How to choose your ground coffee according to your coffee machine?

Which ground coffee to use when preparing an Italian coffee maker, a piston coffee maker or a Chemex for example? Each " coffee maker " requires a different grind for a balanced coffee. To begin with, you need to know: With a coarse grind, the water flows too quickly and it will not have time to impregnate the coffee's aromas. This is called under-extraction: the result in the cup will be very diluted, with an extremely weak aromatic intensity. In the jargon, we call this ... sock juice! If the water flows too slowly, the grind is too fine and the result will be overloaded with aromas. This is called over-extraction: the result in the cup will be extremely concentrated and will develop a very strong bitterness.

Grind for manual espresso machine

It makes the fastest coffee extraction: between 20 and 30 seconds only! This is why you need a very fine grind, which will slow down the speed of the water flow and will allow to moisten the whole coffee cake.

Grind for Italian coffee maker

The coffee brews more slowly in Italian coffee makers than in a manual espresso machine ( a few minutes ). With its very atypical operation, the Italian coffee maker requires a fine grind, nevertheless coarser than the one used for the espresso.

Grind for filter coffee maker

Depending on the water diffusion system, the coffee brewing time generally ranges from 3 to 5 minutes . I therefore advise you to choose a medium fine grind.

Grind for piston coffee maker and "SlowCoffee"

And finally, a little focus on two types of equipment that are becoming more and more widespread: piston coffee makers (French Press) and SlowCoffee carafes (Chemex, D- Kanta, Hario V60...). With these coffee makers, the brewing time of the coffee is between 4 and 5 minutes . Thus, for these methods of extraction, the water flows more quickly: it will be necessary to use a rather coarse grind. Don't be afraid of an uneven and deliberately coarse grind.

Is ground coffee eco-friendly?

Unlike pods, capsules... Coffee beans and ground coffee are more environmentally friendly ! In addition to not producing biodegradable waste , it is also more economical in the long term.

A bean cultivated without care, on plots without character will not offer a good coffee: at best, you will have a flat coffee, thus without much interest. To obtain beautiful gourmet aromas, always opt for coffees with real identities. And finally, adapt your coffee according to your drink and your own preferences! Find our selection of ground coffees always of high quality at the lowest prices!

Where to find organic ground coffee?

MaxiCoffee is here to help you in your choice, and to do this we offer a range of organic and fair trade coffee. Organic coffee from organic farming, according to the Bio AB label. You can also find coffees from fair trade, whose objective is to provide producers of raw materials, fairer prices on their goods. In this case, local trade is used to reduce inequalities and offer a better quality of life to the growers.

Among our products, you will find the brands Café Michel, Cafés Lugat, Café Méo and Destination and all the intensities: light, balanced, strong, intense. It is sure you will find an organic and fair trade coffee to your taste!

Also, if you prefer to buy coffee beans, we also offer the best coffee grinders on the market.